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I am the lingering spirit of the forums.


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Lingering spirit of the forums. ^_^
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  • Apparently you can accumalate points to get a Kart

    Habimaru wrote: »
    I am now literally no longer able to buy anything from anyone anywhere anyway (mundane/boring details in spoiler).
    Negumiko wrote: »
    I will most likely pass this gacha as well unless the pet skills are interesting enough to change my mind.
    All debit-cards I had are now already expired (well, besides one from overseas, for which also cannot be used without a damn cell-phone for that specific foreign-country). I have no interest in obtaining any mobile-phones from there because of how much of an intrusive pain-in-the-ass it is to do anything there that is even remotely related to financial-movements. Ugh, and mobile-phones, WHY!? (Ensue-ing rant about mobile-phones [and Credit-Cards] in next nested spoiler)
    And mobile-phones !] Why the hell is there such a push for the whole entire damn world-population to have a mobile-phone !), and same with credit-cards, too!? I also had gotten rid of all credit cards a long time ago, thus, all of those are now also expired, other than one from American-Express, but even the AmEx Card account-login details say that I have 0$ in spending power even though it simultaneously indicates that I have a far higher credit-line available (although not nearly as impressive as the 150K$US credit-line that I had many years ago from a past credit-card), although that might be related to due to how it was only relatively recently activated (I even paid several hundreds of $$$ from a direct-wire bank-account in order to have a «credit-balance» on the card, yet, the account login-details still display 0$US spending power, despite there being thousands in credit-limit, go figure).

    I suspect that things like this might end up happening to many people world-wide for a variety of reasons related to some Financial-Reset...

    I told you guys he was old. :trollface:
  • A Fresh Memory (Memory Book Update)

    Leinei wrote: »
    I can't read Korean, but is that a Blaanid Support Puppet?! I want everything from this...!

    Wait, what's the with the service icon there?


    It's a puppet.
  • Re: Comment Duplication on Forums

    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    Crimsọn wrote: »
    In before new forums. Great...

    hashtag we were here... lolz

    Oh well, I guess. Forums...4.0 here we come.

    There was 1.0 (ebonrouge), 2.0 (diablerie), 3.0 (gaea)...yeah this will be v4.0

    I'm something of an enigma on these forums. I've been here since the beginning
  • Re: Comment Duplication on Forums

    Editing deffinitely triggers it.
  • GuildStead

    Negumiko wrote: »
    this has been suggested before and I think a guild homestead of some kind would be a great idea. it would encourage players to join guild and work together to create a nice homestead work on life skills and guild quests.
    Helsa wrote: »
    Someone earlier had suggested, allowing upgrades to the guild hall along the same lines. That makes more sense to me.

    it would be nice if guild halls could improve but it would probably be a lot more work for to change the entire guild hall system. giving a simple homestead for guilds would probably be much less effort plus it could be used for farming/life skill purposes. if we ended up getting both that would be the best situation. plus a guild homestead would be super easy to enter, they could just have the option to enter the guild homestead directly under the option to enter your personal homestead.

    Wow and I thought I was an edit freak. I have discovered editing sets it off. But it looks like it fixed itself.

    I think this is a great idea. Not only that, but I think guildsteads should be built more like bandit hideouts. Also call them Estates instead, guildsteads sounds too gimmicky.