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I am the lingering spirit of the forums.


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Lingering spirit of the forums. ^_^
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  • Delight Midnight Party Box

  • Mabinogi genuinely effects my mental health.

    Vima wrote: »
    Thank you all for your input. I think I will take a break since I am burnt out at the moment.

    Special thanks to Habimaru for sharing his experience with us!
    I remember all of the stuff that happened especially the few times of "indefinite maintenance" along with the full deletion of the old forums to hide what happened in 2012.

    We all have our burn out moments in this game. Sometimes what I will do is still login for events but go into offline mode so I can netflix and chill. The rat race will always be there when I decide to jump in again.
  • Alright, Nexon. I see you got memes, too.

    They panik but not gonna stop buying the gach.

    Yep. That new pumpkin head mask is this year's KR event freebie. Smdh.
  • Mabinogi genuinely effects my mental health.

    Set goals for yourself that you can handle one at a time and don't listen to other people about what they have and what you don't have. Know when to take breaks and enjoy something else.
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  • Terms of service update on 10/01/2020?

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Fluorette wrote: »
    Vima wrote: »
    So, no one is going to tell me what the actual changes are because people say it doesn't matter.. There's fear of FUD for you.


    "No one" is going to tell you because they haven't thoroughly read/inspected both versions of the ToS to know what changes were made. It's not a matter of "FUD", per se, but rather, carelessness.

    I'm not particularly sure why you reached out to the forum community for this in the first place. There's only a very small sample of players that post in these forums. Try asking somebody who works in Nexon's customer service.

    She's right you know, none of us are lawyers or attorneys. If you were looking for a response from a staff member in these forums I'm sorry to inform you but Kyrios is done baby sitting us.

    oof. XD

    Patiently waits for the one random lawyer/attorney that plays the game to show up.

    But Habi is here.

    ...and just as confusing as ever.

    I mean seriously, I'm not going to read the ToS. I am certainly not going to read all that either. XD