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  • Terms of service update on 10/01/2020?

    Helsa wrote: »
    For reference: here 'tis. Section: XI: "Miscellaneous", subsection: "Entire Agreement", makes it clear that upon entering into the contract one agrees that the most recent ToSEULA supersedes earlier ones and so one de facto agrees to abide by the new text every time it changes. Therefore any claims of advantage due to differences arising between the current document and the one, at the time one enters into the agreement, are moot. One may consider seeking satisfaction, if the section pertaining to the dispute meets the situation described in Section XI, subsection "Severability", by making use of said section.

    Nerd! :D
    Radiant DawnKensamaofmari
  • Terms of service update on 10/01/2020?

    No one reads that.
    Radiant Dawn
  • Bring back Partners !!!

    Adeno wrote: »
    Oh so it's around this time of the year! That's nice to know! I really hope one of them would be a ghost lol :) I want to be traveling around, "cursed" by a ghost who keeps following me around. A few weeks ago when I didn't know there were no Partners for sale, I was playing around with the creation mode. It's very fun and interesting, a bit more robust than making a normal character. You can even adjust various sizes of body parts haha :)

    Yes Laighlinne and William make their returns during the partner sales, as will Butler, Maid, and Commerce Partner. The only ones that do NOT make a return are the ones from the Re:Zero crossover Rem and Ram (because anything involved in a crossover is never released a second time due to licensing restrictions). I can't predict exactly when - but hopefully before the end of this year. Perhaps as a black friday sale maybe?

    So again have your Nx ready. The base price for each partner is 17900 each. But the last sale they did slash prices down to 11900 for Laighlinne and William, and the Butler, Maid, Commerce partners were slashed down to 9900.

    NTM they also usually have a VIP sale where you can get VIP for HALF off. A lot of sales coming up soon, this is usually the time of year where I set aside at least 200 bucks. I am not even kidding, be prepared.
  • SoG: Real or 'Real'?

    I only care if it's an obtainable skills that adds to my stats. Since it is not, I do not care.
    Radiant Dawn
  • Rework Base Damage on Skills (Magic/Alchemy/etc)

    Owntrolf wrote: »
    Alshian wrote: »
    Ah yes....Magic damage, quite the luxury to have reached heights by paying blood and limbs for. Alas even with putting yourself through endless unstable flooring hell that can just gave out at any time you test your luck back to square one questioning why your even doing this when other easy options are available.

    Magic had it much rougher starting out a bit, gained efficiency at the middle, and then loss its flow by taking a HUGE dip at the damage charts from the talent damage scaling graph from each content from earlygame to midgame to endgame.

    Each talent had its flow while ruling out the duel stat talents because they were likely meant to be advance talents in midgame besides chainblades since Luck is limited while Dex is it's dominate stat.

    From what I noticed is that Magic damage talents took a hit in the graph I thought up mostly due to the mix in the Midgame content with mobs having questionable amount of MDEF/MPROT but then got hit HARD at endgame with nearly all mobs having 70% MDEF/MPROT with 30% being Physical Def/ Physical PROT at a rough guess.

    This pretty much would make me think Physical Damage is meta, from Final hit, Fighter, Lance, Bows, and other meta players discovered or brought up. It doesn't help that magic deals the least damage to endgame mobs that also have mana reflector as well but thankfully its so few.

    Magic deals GOOD damage no question, and with 1000+ Magic damage your damage would be AMAZING but its dps is not as great compared to some talents while endgame mobs prevent you from burst damaging since physical damage deals higher dps and better burst than magic in the end.

    Increasing Magic damage is pointless what the Devs should do is nerf endgame mob's overall Def/Prot and MDef/MProt ratio as well as reducing some numbers. Magic would always never be as good compared to the other talents at endgame but at least in midgame magic is just a monster talent.

    Even if you buff up your mage vs a physical damage dealer also buffed you'll end up being 60% less effective compared to Physical damage anyways. Your only advantage would be that you can deal AOE damage from afar as well as being tanky with mana shield. With a erg lvl 50 spirit weapon you can go nuts with AOE once you get your casting speed gear only to still fall off in dps because of Ninja nerf of mobs having resistance to named skills.

    I always thought Magic damage is some kind of turn around in the battlefield only to be sadly mistaken in the world of Mabinogi where Physical damage in the end outclasses magic at a huge gap. Though Alchemy out dps Magic and Alchemy used to be the bottom feeder of the talents but now its duelgunner and Puppetry suffering from it!

    Endgame had became a Damage check where DPS is all that matters, always had been kill before they kill you. Meta talents, why do they have it so easy? Why couldn't the Devs give love to other talents? Why can't they all be powerful? Its not like Pvp is mainstream, its not like teamwork matters too much, its not like there even IS a role to play in the game. So why? Why be anything when your forced to be one?

    At least Magic is fun once you finally have good enough Magic damage but still fall short sadly.

    I am an Elf by the way, which is why I am upset that Id one day have to use melee when Elves had no kit to do remotely anything with it. This is how I see the state of Magic vs Physical. Id like to hear your thoughts and blast me with your criticism, Lay it on meh! O wo

    Those hidden resistance that endgame mobs have is REALLY annoying, a pathetic way to balance out talents.

    Physical damage has better AoE than magic which is one of the saddest things

    erg50 divblade fh just makes magic look bad as an aoe skill.

    Also if you pay attention, cast speed basically does jack nothing on magic except for bolts
    Faster bolt charge speed
    SOFT LIMIT CAP CAST SPEED ON INT MAGIC (only erg can go beyond this cap)
    cast speed only affects the startup time of adv magic, aka faster meteorstrike loading, faster hailstorm loading(crystal charge does not change), lightning rod is always 2 seconds max charge.

    BFO is one of the huge factors that puts physical damage above magic damage along with 20% ppower potions.

    In general magic is all risk no reward compared to physical damage, staff erg is almost worthless 20MA and 30% int magic cast speed reduction.
    Int magic is weaker than fusionbolt.

    2h sword erg is literally broken
    50minmax 50defprot 300atkradius 15ping

    magic is jsut good at farming easy stuff with ice spear and thats about it because magic is not effective at mobbing unless if it kills in one hit, if you dont kill in one hit it just makes everything else harder to kill because theyre all over the place compared to using chain sweep or spinning slasher

    But but...anime!
    Radiant DawnHelsa