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  • Regarding the Oct. 24 Maintenance

    Can we get something done with our combo cards until it is fixed?
  • Fix The Gap B/w Giants and Every Other Race

    Balancing and meta changes frequently nowadays but in a different way. We rarely get skills directly buffed like renovation update.
    Rather than changing/fixing the talent and skills itself we get updates with new weapons(example: kraken weapons) or weapon enhancing methods- like spirit weapon or erg. In other words, if you don't invest into erg or spirit weapon or certain type of weapon that are new, you won't feel any difference.
    Each type of weapon receives different erg effects and in upcoming update, each spirit weapons will have different unique upgrades and ultimate spirit skill. The effects are something amazing(knuckles, 2h swords, etc's erg,) if devs intended to buff it, and it's something lame if devs intended to nerf it. (example: 1h sword only gets 20 weapon damage at erg 50) Eventually the buffed weapon will overpower non-buffed weapon and be the new meta- which is indirect nerf to non-buffed weapons.
    The same happens with spirit weapon update, except that you can choose your spirit weapon upgrade path. But some weapon's ultimate are not so useful than others (bow/crossbow's ultimate is unlimited arrow/bolts- I rather pick something that helps dps than this, 2h's ultimate is movement speed increase for 10 seconds after finishing an enemy) so they're are bound with other upgrade paths, while some weapons ultimate effects are very useful. If those buffed/nerfed weapons are affected by racial disadvantage/advantage, it'll make many people dissatisfied.

    Long story short, people won't really be happy when there's a really old outdated racial gap that makes no sense in today's standards and "balancing" is done through p2w contents.

    Lutetium wrote: »
    Finity wrote: »
    I also doubt that spirit weapon update really fixed magic, magic still has it's own problems that are neglected. Most of monsters in end-game content has high magic defense and protection. Intermediate magic is notorious for drawing aggro and scattering monsters. Magic is crippled with its damage calculation as well, going from 800 to 900 magic attack will gain less than going from 300 to 400 magic attack.(The higher you get, the less you'll gain!) Magic enchants give pathetically low magic attack compared to max damage enchants, etc.
    Most of this is also correct except the part about matk being diminishing return, 300 to 400 for example with fireball adds 1200 to it's base damage, 800 to 900 also adds 1200, before fire mastery or any other multipliers like combo cards of course, matk adds flat min/max but each spell has a different coefficient so some benefit less than others, like icebolt for example will only get 40 max from that same 100 matk.
    Helsa wrote: »
    Aren't elves supposed to be stupidly OP in Korea? Perhaps the giant update was to give them more parity there.
    Elf mag spam is the best dps in the game, but archery is broken in NA due to aim rate being tied to latency and mabinogi using in order encrypted TCP packets to communicate with the server, 90% on KR is 90% but 90% on NA is only 90% if you're in Oregon (California before servers were moved to amazon cloud), the further you are the more desynced your client aim meter and the server side aim meter become due to the repeated latency add from TCP acknowledgements. In KR you're generally going to have 1~3ms of latency to the server, so little to no desync occurs and you'll see any korean elf gameplay video archery will hit much more than the vast majority of NA player's because of that. Personally after 7 years of playing an elf trying to use archery with 48~68ms of latency, I find archery to be completely unusable. A large part of why I play a giant now.

    Also props to Maia for being one of the only people to understand you can play on other characters of other races instead of crying for nerfs on the forum every update.

    I could go on and on but honestly for everyone that thinks X race is "op" play it or Y race "is trash" don't play it, leveling up is trivialized by blaanid beginner quests + baltane missions, training skills is trivialized by talent level bonus skill exp, ap training, training seals, and constant training events/training potion handouts from events so there's 0 excuse not to play another character, I shelved my 25k total elf with basically every skill r1/cap to play giant and my giant's already 27k with everything r1/cap besides magic craft, act 9, and rest in less than a third of the time it took to get my elf there due to the HEAVY casualization of the game that TRIVIALIZES character progression in comparison to how it use to be. Yes I know you can get 40k+ and all skills in less than a year but I'm a casual deal with it.

    You're right- I was wrong about diminishing return. Magic is really a complicated talent to balance because every skill has different formula so every skill get effected differently with same magic attack value. At this point I really don't expect magic to be fixed nor for elves to get proper racial advantage with it.

    It is really not easy to switch to different character, I know starting up a new character is much easier with memorial update, frequent training boost event and additional multiplier item such as prisms but it still takes a lot of effort to achieve other things- such as building up cumulative level for shine of eweca, renown, alban totem(or commander totem), dan tests,gens,grandmaster, combo card, squires(for extra stats),etc and of course making or buying entire different equip sets. I'm pretty sure a lot of people never wanna do it again, including myself. Especially with how bad reforging is nowadays :(

  • (KR) Beauty Box Season 6

    Will they ever adjust eye positions for elves and giants? Some eyes look abnormal on elves and giants, especially giants.
  • Server Merge Name Sniping

    Something needs to be done with names. There are a lot of duplicate names, but whats the chance of all of them playing actively to this date? We're going to end up having server tag beside our names because of people that don't even play anymore. I think those who actually plays should get priority over names first. Now that we're forming entire new server and duplicate names are being changed to name+server tags, that leaves Nao server's original names (those without server tags) available. It would make sense to let the most active player get their igns, and possibly have priority over their original igns.(i.e they get to reserve their original names in new servers) If that works out, Sorath in Mari should have priority over other Sorath, because Tarlarch and Ruairi's Soraths are inactive.

    We could have name reservation page, where people from those 3 server that are effected by merge can reserve their names in new servers. All new character creations should be disabled until everyone gets their reserved names. (It is possible, they have done it in other region) There should be limit to avoid exploits, like having cumulative level restriction.
    This is my own idea: It should have 2 phases. In phase 1, people get to reserve name that they already have.(For example, you only get to reserve the name Potato if you already have Potato in Mari/Tarlarch/Ruairi) If same name get claimed twice...well first come first serve.
    In phase 2, people get to reserve w/e remaining leftovers. (This way we can prevent impersonator taking your name)

    Of course this does not solve name conflict between duplicates that are active... but I think it will solve most of them, hopefully. I think the chance of people's duplicates still playing to this date are rare. At least there will be a lot of good names available, since all the duplicates get server tags.

    +For those who will be effected by duplicates in other servers, we're probably going to get free name change coupon.
  • It's official: merge baby merge

    They really should give name priority to active players.... I would be sad if I have to have a server tag because of people who don't even play the game anymore.

    I'm curious about one thing, if I become Finity+Mari and other ones become Finity+Ruairi, and Finity+Tarlarch after merge, will I be able to change to Finity, given that rest 2 players are inactive?