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  • The reason Alexina wasn't merged had to be so NX

    could sell Server Transfers

    is theres 1 server, hey cant sell transfers

  • Oops, I make mistake

    i sold a 7x7 bag for 10k when they were going for 1m

    i thought i got one of the small bags nobody wanted (was when bags were new and they didnt really have in detail explanations on bag size until after you opened them and made them not tradeable)
  • Is there a place without criminals on this server?

    Baedra wrote: »
    So is there actually a place on the server where this doesn't happen on the daily? That's what this thread was originally made for after all and due to the lack of a definitive answer I'm going to have to come to the conclusion of "No".

    middle of longa desert on ch4

    no players

    also your own homestead if you dont let anyone in it cant happen there either
  • Style Tab

    More is always better but yeah can't see this happening as they'd have to change the wig/hat combos

    id like to see them change it
  • tradeable nx

    Nexon wouldn't be losing money on the nx

    Players would buy Apex with a value of say 5000nx say for $25 - $50 you get 5 of them you can then trade these with players for in-game gold or items

    If a player redeemed it it's now nx bound to their account

    Say if they got 2 of them in a stack then could get the option to exchange get it for 2 weeks of VIP/Premium or get a flat 10k nx bound to their account

    This would allow people who absolutely refuse to spend money on the cash shop to potentially grind out how ever much the player set asking price for 1 Apex would be

    The in-game price wouldn't matter to nexon, if it's 100 gold per no one's gonna spend the $25-$50 buying any , but if it's over 10-30m per Apex then there's a chance that a large amount of players will buy Apex to sell for straight gold

    Which works both as a gold sink and a $ money flow, it's a win win for Nexon