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  • Why was the maintenence 2 hours earlier than usual

    7 AM is more common, but 5 AM still happens.

    This is nowhere near out of the blue. 2 weeks ago was the same maint time. Guess a good learning experience to check the times yourself.
  • Best economy update ever(Auction House discussion)

    Chibisai wrote: »
    And there should be a cancel bid button *cough* And shouldn't take the gold out before the end bid....

    The reason it takes your gold out instantly when you bid is to prevent you from bidding, then lowering your bank funds afterwords. It's much easier and less likely to break if it takes your gold on the spot, and just gives it back when you lose, rather than trust the community suddenly won't pull out all the bank money to try and cheat the system.
  • Best economy update ever(Auction House discussion)

    For the search bar crashing, I'm pretty sure it's because it is constantly searching with every letter you type.... your first letter probably lists most of the in-game items. If they just made it so that it didn't search until you clicked it (like the Housing Board) there would probably be less issues. Not sure why they thought it would be better if it was constantly scanning.

    An extra note, I noticed it was case sensitive. In fact, what happens is when you type something, it searched for any item with that exact text, in those exact capitals.

    So if you use a capital first, you'll get, at worst, a minor lag for like a third of a second. Because there's a ton more items with a lowercase a than items with an uppercase A.
  • Praise the Comma!

    Sherri wrote: »
    i cant believe there are people who are against commas.. LOL

    yes, because not everyone shares the same opinion. :/

    Honestly, outside of scamming someone for 10X the price, what's the issue with the comma?

    If I have to count the Zero's before I buy something, I actually lose interest really quickly. I'm buying something because it's easier, don't shove unneeded work behind it.