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  • Mabinogi Feedback Survey!

    People really need to stop using that "straw man" term, it doesn't award 'em any bonus points! (It often does quite the opposite, actually)

    Just leave poor Mr. Straw Man alone

    WolfsingerKensamaofmariSherripawcalypseRadiant Dawn
  • We were told to share our Interaction creations...

    (I mean, it literally says it in the update)

    I spent all evening yesterday making an interaction set that responds to pretty much everything, except gestures and skills that aren't used very often.

    Figured this would be great for people who want something to start of with, so here you go!

    Special Edit by a certain GM for you guys to enjoy:

    Copy the text into a new .xml file and place it in \Documents\Mabinogi\Interaction

    It's about 30+ pages long in the Interaction Crafter, you are free to edit it as you please, though.
    Keep in mind that if you edit race-specific skills, it might get buggy, because those are only available when logged in as the correct race.
    Page / Content
    1 / Summon Pet, Mount Pet
    2 / Fly, Dismount
    3-4 / Feeding Dishes from 1 to 5 Stars
    5 / Pet Hungry, Pet Level up
    6 / Pet Hit, Thrown down
    7 / Pet KO, AH Item Sold
    8 / Monster Kill, Monster Spawn
    9 / Rebirth Time, 6 AM, 6 PM
    10 / Use Potion, Obtain Item, Gold (>500)
    11 / Get Ducats (>5000), Huge Lucky, Title Change
    12 / Talent Title Change, Title Get, Quest Complete
    13 / Quest Get, Enter Dungeon or Mission, Enter Homestead
    14 / Skill Rank up, Character Level up
    15 / Level 200 Reached, Exploration Level up, Critical Hit, HP Below 50%, Dead
    16 / MP below 40%, SP below 40%, Smash, Defense, Counterattack
    17 / Charge, Assault Slash, Lance Charge, Lance Counter, Rage Impact
    18 / Bash, Ranged Attack, Magnum Shot, Arrow Revolver
    19 / Windmill, Crisis Escape, Final Hit, Gold Strike
    20 / Meteor Strike, Snap Cast, Inspiration
    21 / Firebolt, Mana Shield, Fireball
    22 / Golden Time, Life Drain, Wind Blast, Water Cannon, Rain Casting
    23 / Shock, Battlefield Overture, Harvest Song
    24 / Dance of Death, Act 6: Crisis, Way of the Gun, Shooting Rush
    25 / Kunai Storm, Sakura Abyss, Shadow Bind, Shadow Cloak
    26 / Chain Impale, Spinning Slasher, Death Mark
    27 / Chain Crush, Chain Sweep, Bachram Explosion
    28 / Shockwave, Spirit of Order, Awakening of Light
    29 / Wings of Eclipse, Shield of Trust, Divine Link
    30 / Judgment Blade, Celestial Spike, Nascent Divinity, Nova Obliteration
    31 / Final Strike, Stampede, Taunt
    32 / Wind Guard, Daemon of Physis, Giant Full Swing
    33 / Fure of Connous, Elven Magic Missile, Flame Burst

    Unfortunately I do not own an Elf with Final Shot, nor do I own any Humans who know Soul of Chaos, so I was not able to add those.
    CrimsọnRadiant DawnKensamaofmariBlissfulkillWolfsingerDarkpixie99justshowingSherri
  • About them special tools....

    I'm surprised the exact answer wasn't said in here yet, but...

    All 4 tools have "Gathering Success Rate Boost 10" as set effect
    Additionally, they all have a roll for bonus durability (typical magic craft stuff)
    Knife: Base 10, Roll +1~15
    Axe: Base 12, Roll +1~15
    Pickaxe: Base 10, Roll +1~15
    Sieve: Base 5, Roll +1~10
  • (JP) Rich Person Gacha

    The first female one looks like what those snobby rich women in the movies wear.
    The kind you'd want to avoid at all costs, if you ever saw them irl.
  • G21 Doki Doki Box Contents

    Sherri wrote: »
    Please for the love of all Mabi gods, let all of these items be untradeable.

    If they mostly come with the (Event) tag as the main post suggests, they would be untradeable.