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  • Tales of a Milletian

    IGN: Xavien
    Server: Nao
    Word Count: 290 words
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    Dynamic Challenger
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    Just breathe.

    The world twists in infinite possibilities, winding together to form each opportunity, each chance, and a Milletian stands at the precipice, ready once more for a challenge thrust upon him. It’s a test, he thinks, and maybe he should be used to it with so many lives behind him, but it is, nevertheless, something he approaches with resolution alongside friends, alongside family found and pieced together through the fires of battle and mirth of festivities.

    They’d proven themselves together in the forest, facing down the challenges laid before them, the guardian’s voice urging them onward with guiding clues on the need for demonstrating their ability not just in strength but in cooperation. Each test showed their unity with each other and their animal companions, and now, here, in front of the final gate, they prepare for the final face-off.


    Breathe, he reminds himself as his gray eyes close and he steadies himself, one hand reaching to pet the fur between his companion’s ears. Behind him, he can hear his friends make their final preparations as well, and he feels lighter at the sound of it, knowing he can rely on them just as they can on him. He stretches, feeling the energy of excitement pulse through his veins as a grin touches his lips, anticipation of their last confrontation taking its hold. He’d be ready to rush in, to fight, to show what they’re capable of. It isn’t fate - together, they have defied that time and again - but something is calling them to action all the same. It’s the pure thrill, perhaps.

    Behind him, one of his friends asks, “Xavien, are you ready?”

    One last steadying breath and he nods even as he rolls his shoulder. “Let’s do this.”
  • Best Pet to use as Main pet for Fynn Sync

    Honestly, I'd say it's probably one of the continuous debuff pets: Scooter Imp, Li'l Jack, Corgi (Warrior/Novice Adventurer for physical debuff, Wizard for magic debuff). From there, assign the ones that debuff/buff on summon to the friend slots as you open those; you'll still be able to summon the pets in the friend slots normally when you're not using the main pet from Fynn Sync, but you have the added bonus of being able to summon things for their on-summon debuffs without losing the pet you're linked to.

    So, for example, a Warrior Corgi with the friend slots filled with a Bone Dragon, a Mir Dragon, a Ceraunus, a Fallen Fairy, and an Alto would get the three debuffs (Bone, Mir, Ceraunus) and the two speed/aspd buffs (Fallen Fairy, Alto) while you still maintain your Divine Link and the continuous def/prot debuff from the corgi.

    Incidentally, I could also see the Floral Fairy as an option, too, if you want the movement speed buff; you could set it up with the same kind of friend slots to apply the debuffs to enemies/buffs to yourself with the summon skills of the other pets while still having the movement speed from the Floral Fairy. It's a little more situational, but it's a possibility.
  • The returned question

    Yes you can. You won't be able to use the Dunbarton seal merchant until you do the quest (bypass that issue by using the one in Belvast if you need something from that shop), but as long as you don't choose to take the Returned benefit from the seal merchant, you'll keep getting the quest every single time you log in. I've been saving mine for the past month so I can use it for the new talent this week.
  • Pet Paradise Homestead Design Contest

    [IGN] Xavien
    [Server] Nao

    My Lost Destination has started to come together as a place to relax for me and my pets; it's not quite finished yet (I have a lot of materials gathering and Pet Essential Oils to do for that), but it's getting there.

    - - -

    Lately, it's been a great idea to stop by and check the Expedition Board to start my day. And sometimes - just sometimes - it's easy for my pets to lose their way when they're returning home, especially when they're exhausted from a lengthy expedition. But the constellations are there to help guide their path; the Draco constellation is a shining beacon for dragons and other large pets to find their way to their pasture, for example.

    Sometimes, running around is just too much for some of my pets, too. This poor little pup just wanted to relax on the grass; maybe he thought I was heading over toward my production junction, though, because usually he enjoys resting on the bridge with me to watch the fish in the pond.

    It's refreshing to relax under the shade of a tree or beside a fountain, but I think a lot of my pets would also agree that baby dragon has the right idea, too; I wonder if they'd also have fun rolling around and playing in the sakura petals...

    It's always a good idea to check up on my pets as they're resting, just to make sure they're recovering or to make sure they're getting along well enough - there was an unfortunate incident of a Fallen Fairy turning away from a Floral Fairy's attempts at conversation one time, after all. And sometimes, just sometimes, my pets will find kindred spirits around my homestead. Looks like Cocasnowla has discovered Tarlach over by the flower boxes and cherry blossom trees!

    Every day eventually comes to an end, of course, and spending a nice, relaxing night near my pets in their little paradise is always worth it. Even if sometimes Pencast would like to know when I'm going upgrade the cat tower so he can have more cats to watch; it'll happen, Pencast, I promise.
  • Umm? Homestead Event??

    Melbell wrote: »
    Actually if I doing my math right we don't have much grace period for this event. To get the Green house we need to turn in 80 pieces of wood. At five a day that would be 20 days, 19 if you are able to turn in one extra piece of word on weekends. There are only 21 days for this event. That's barely a grace period to get the event finished and collect everything. Also I heard that collecting water didn't work. So that removes the one day of grace period we had. I am beginning to not see a point in doing this event unless they expand the event. I can not log in for almost three hours everyday. Some people actually have jobs to go to.
    But, 80/5 is 16, not 20...

    As for the water issue, it works if you use the river in Tir (and probably the restaurant in Emain).