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  • So like did anyone get any of the gud prizes?

    I got a rock
  • Tomorrow boxes

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    There's nothing confusing about this... Lol. I tried to explain one guy 3 TIMES and he still didn't understand. I got too frustrated and gave up.

    Do you ever post anything that isn't negative? The way the box works is complicated for no reason at all, I've had to explain it to several people as well.

    Stop targeting me okay? I'm not talking with you. Have a good day.

    You're implying anyone who didn't understand it is dumb or at the least not as smart as you. I didn't get it at first either, so you kinda are talking to me or addressing me in some form.

    I don't think that is what Greta is saying, since the important part was "explaining several times", inferring that Greta was explaining it to one person three times. There is a stark difference in the wording of a bad statement whose author is not there to clarify, then the various ways one can communicate what to do in real time. It is also natural to express frustration when effort is repeated to no avail.

    There is no implication of stupidity that is applicable to those such as yourself from what I can tell.

    I delight in Greta's cynicism and sharp tongue (it's often refreshing) but I can see where it comes off as rude to some on occasion (wording and context are issues here). No one was named as being the person who took "3 TIMES" to get it, and yes it can be a bother to re-explain, but I'd argue this concept can be confusing to some folks, or at least we shouldn't dismiss people for not grasping it. I had to replay the announcement stream in order to figure it out myself. The "targeting" and "implying" are taking it a bit far.
  • Christmas Game! (Digital and Traditional!)♥

    I'm up for this! I'll start :3 (used links you posted on freebie posts for ref)
  • MMO Junkie Ep.8 Reaction (Spoilers)

    Greta wrote: »
    Cringed so hard at the episode 8. Especially at the flashbacks. Oh and also it's ridiculous how Morioka suddenly is blushing and fan-girling at Sakurai when she found out that he is the same guy from the old MMO which she loved a lot. She's at her 30's, but the way she acts gives me the impression of 16-18 year old.

    Isn’t half of the point that she’s unsocialized and doesn’t have much experience in terms of romance? Sure most of us leave the fangirling behind by age 20s-30s but I think it fits her character seeing as her reactions are generally exaggerated for comedic/entertainment value and she overanalyzes everything in regards to social interaction. A majority of her life is being influenced by an MMO currently which probably keeps her personality young, Also, this isn’t exactly a serious or realistic anime.
  • Were those *REALLY* our GMs?

    Gaea wrote: »
    Can we NOT chase away our new CM? We already lost Sabina over stupid bs. Don't make Saygo run away too.

    I wouldn't say that the criticisms made so far are unreasonable. No one is attacking our new CM and the general feeling seems to be that we like him and his dynamic with the rest of the team. Most people understand and respect that as someone who's brand new to the game he's not going to have a deep understanding of it's workings and in the welcome thread many folks were offering to help and work with the CM to aid him in having a fun time learning the game. It's just a matter of expressing that the stream seemed awkward and unprofessional considering how much build-up and information we were promised by the preceding forum post. Maybe they'll learn from this past stream and improve on it for next time which would be lovely.