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August 7, 1991
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"Eat like a horse, train like a dog, sleep like a baby"
  • 10k NX Giveaway Hunting Quest!

    The contest is now OVER. We have a WINNER.
    The pattern DOES in-fact exist.
    Sending the code in a moment.
    Here's some pics:
  • 10k NX Giveaway Hunting Quest!

    We actually have some who claims to have proof! After maint. I am going to remote desktop from work and check it out. This is an unexpected development, but exciting none the less!
  • 10k NX Giveaway Hunting Quest!

    Gaea wrote: »
    Dude they are not going to ignore your bug report. Give em a couple days and they will respond. Please post what they say here though. I think we are all very curious at this point.
    I've been dealing with this back and forth with GM's for months, Supreme said hes working on getting confirmation that its not an intended "Feature" but everything been silent for a long time and nothings been fixed. I've even been told I'm whining and harassing when I already know where it drops from.

    Sorry, if I seem a bit of a downer.
  • 10k NX Giveaway Hunting Quest!

    Eh, its fine. These forums are screwy, lol

    If the wiki is to be believed, then its an unimplemented pattern that is supposed to be buyable from an NPC for 120,000 gold.

    As for the pattern, there are a few other Erg upgrades that require signed copies of clothing whose manuals are no longer obtainable. At the very least, we should've gotten some form of update that re-introduced said manuals back into the game. Here's hoping these manuals make a confirmed return with the Life Skills update.

    So it IS a bug... But I still don't have proof... Considering I need to have something proving its that way from the KR server.. Otherwise my bug report will be ignored, or deleted, as per usual.

  • 10k NX Giveaway Hunting Quest!

    What if there are people that know where the pattern is but want to keep it a secret at all costs? Maybe they're in this thread right now! *dramatic conspiracy theory music*

    I would have to find a way to infiltrate their ranks, befriend them, and take a gander at their private collection.. Kukuku

    I wish though.. I doubt this thing exists. I would probably increase prize amount to an unearthly amount just because of how sure I am it doesn't.