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August 7, 1991
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"Eat like a horse, train like a dog, sleep like a baby"
  • 10k NX Giveaway Hunting Quest!

    What if there are people that know where the pattern is but want to keep it a secret at all costs? Maybe they're in this thread right now! *dramatic conspiracy theory music*

    I would have to find a way to infiltrate their ranks, befriend them, and take a gander at their private collection.. Kukuku

    I wish though.. I doubt this thing exists. I would probably increase prize amount to an unearthly amount just because of how sure I am it doesn't.
  • 10k NX Giveaway Hunting Quest!

    Uh, I'm not the one that mentioned the possibility of this being a scam.

    I was just mentioning how KR has shafted us yet again.

    Sorry sorry! I really shouldn't post while on my phone. I also should revise my posts if things go arry like this..
    Guess it was Clovis15 I was thinking of.
  • 10k NX Giveaway Hunting Quest!

    If being scammed of 10$ brings awareness that this item doesn't exist, I am more that 100% OK with it. If you have hacking skills to spoof an item in an in-game trade to give me some false hope, then so be it. I am being told from a few GMs that the item DOES exist and is OBTAINABLE. However, as many know I have said before, I am a 10 year veteran.. I have been here since the get-go and know what Im doing here. For an item that has supposedly existed since G11S2, I have NEVER seen it and neither have any of my longtime veteran friends.

    It's not like I'm a 10 year-old kid on a public Minecraft server asking for an item to be spawned because I don't want to work for it. This issue just irks the heck out of me since my class, FIGHTER, is always getting the shaft in the first place.

    (And for the record, if you mention this to any GM aside from Supreme, you will be met with a lot of flack, since apparently they have given me the answer multiple times. Which was and I quote "The item should drop from various elite missions, including the most common, Shadow Wizard Elite." or another stated that one actually had dropped from Wizard Elite on August 1st recently)
  • 10k NX Giveaway Hunting Quest!


    I am not buying it, but I am hunting for proof that a certain item exists in-game! If you happen to have one, or find one, just contact me with your in-game name, server, and a time we can meet so that I may take a peek to confirm its discovery! After which I will mail you an NX code for 10k Nx via the mailbox in game. Beware, there will only be ONE winner here.

    The item in question you ask....

    The mythical... See-Through Cocktail Dress Sewing Pattern!

    Its an item used for the level 30 Erg Breakthrough for Knuckles! So unlucky.. Ive begun to doubt its existence entirely... After all, I have spent months looking for it, even though its supposedly been in-game forever...

    So! Either add me on Mari server, Tatsugi or add me on Discord Tatsugi#8781 to contact me! Or just leave a message here.
    (Also be sure to leave your name, and server so I can use my alt accordingly)

    Good luck participants!

    (No hints on drop locations, since none have yielded for me/any of my friends)
  • See Through Cocktail Dress Pattern

    The new erg system introduced new patterns for most of the erg breakthrough at level 30, but not all old patterns that are required are easily obtainable. The new patterns drop almost every other run from the new Tagar and Turtle raids and can easily be farmed out, all the while patterns like the See Through Cocktail Dress have to be found via chance via a chance. They have to be dropped from an end chest at the end of Guardian of Parthenon (Hardmode) which requires you to use a secret pass that is dropped at a low rate from other dungeons.

    You cannot advance to 30 Erg breakthrough for Knuckles without it.

    My recommendation, add the rest of the patterns to the same raid, or increase the rate you find the passes for the runs. To put it bluntly, its quite unfair for users who have to find this pattern to advance. So far it has not been confirmed that the pattern actually drops from the mission, however Vivid Casual Suit as well as Vivid Casual Shoes patterns have been documented.