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Last Active
August 7, 1991
Personal Quote
"Eat like a horse, train like a dog, sleep like a baby"
  • Tales of a Milletian

    IGN: Tatsugi
    Server: Nao

    A forgotten promise.

    Faded voices becoming clearer as moments pass.

    Man: Open your eyes; you can’t let it end like this! You won’t be able to forgive yourself if you just sit there and sulk as he walks away.

    A low glowing light brightens for just a moment, then dims. The sun had set, and the moon had hidden itself behind the clouds leaving only darkness.

    Girl: I know, I just don’t want to be a burden for him any longer. There’s so much more that he can do without me. It’s best if I just fade away from his memory alone.

    Man: That is impossible. You will never fully disappear from this world, nor would I let you. With your help he was able to go this far, and his journey is far from over.. This world is full of chaos, but also love. There are many more good people in the soul stream than bad.

    The dim light sparkled a bit, and remained a bit brighter, however still not enough to keep back the darkness.

    Girl: This stone feels so cold, I never knew the cold when I was with him…

    As she lay upon the freezing stone, snow began to fall once more.

    Man: He truly made you feel loved then? You do not want to chase him? Or to see him again?

    The small glow was shrinking once more, almost to nothing, and the darkness began to encroach.

    Girl: Of.. course I do, there were so many things that… We never got to see, or do..

    The girl's voice began to show what the man knew was coming..

    Man: So would you do it again? Would you want another chance to tell him?

    With a heavy sigh, the faded light drifted off in the wind carrying one word.


  • Ego Weapon Glow Problems

    So I know this is weird, but I am very perturbed at the fact only one of my Spirit Weapon Knuckles have the ego glow. I know they are technically one item, but have two parts.

    Suggestion: Make ego weapon knuckles have both gauntlets glow.
  • Visible Bag Tags

    Do you know the pain of loosing something in your own inventory? After the expansion for blackfriday, I will die if I misplace something.
  • Visible Bag Tags

    With all these new bags and upcoming expansions, has anyone run into the problem with playing with so many bag tabs minimized it makes it hard to find things?

    My suggestion.
    Add ability to add in visible TAGS to bags when hovered over, or when the tab is visible, but minimized, you have a customization TAG visible. Also allowing TAB symbols to be seen while minimized would be greatly helpful as well. Such as the herb or potion symbols being visible while in bar tab mode. (Possibly add a tag visible on the inventory bag itself below its description, to see what is inside before even opening its tab.)



  • Inventory Tetris!

    I'm actually very surprised that no on has made a thread like this yet..
    So with the new expansion sales going on, I think now is the perfect time to ask..

    Stacked, Tiled, or Sprawled
    What do you prefer to use?
    Go ahead and show me your messes!