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February 18, 1993
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"Lily the white skinned ghostie, had a very shiny complexion, and if you ever saw it, you'd have retina damage" cit. Totono
  • Broken percentages


    We tend to notice our failures more than our litany of successes, of course. Still, I think for certain items, that it would be absolutely lovely for some items to cap at 100%.

    Well, as someone that does a lot of life skills and craft 100 items at a time easily, I can assure you that failing 10 times means the 99% is false, as 10 failings in 100 attempts means 90%. If those were the only fails I do crafting 1000 items, then the percentage is ok, but that isn't the case.
  • Community Live Stream: A Collaboration!?!?

    I really hope the black friday comes with PON SALES. I'm been waiting a whole year for them to return on sale...

    And... collaboration huh? iHUHPgR.png
  • Lots of dailies that need 3+ ppl huh?

    TDB is what I hate the most, it takes around 18 minutes and it's so damn terrible with those stupid NPCs that can't even do something good and avoid splitting the mobs all around the zone... SS it's good if you have a good party and it gives a lot of exp (with the nightmare shadow crystals we got it's even better)
  • Halloween Event HS props

    @NekoLily this is quite possibly a ridiculous question, but how did you pan out so far from your homestead for that screenshot? No matter what I do, I can never pan out far enough to get an entire shot of my hs.

    Btw, your hs looks awesome! I love how you placed the lanterns. :)

    Click on "Screenshot" from the left menù, use the up arrow to go up and use the right click on the mouse to move the homestead and fit inside the window :3
  • Report player abuse

    It actually happened me once that someone arrived, saw me farming (I should clarify that my farming stops before going over 30 mins) and decided to just kill them all to just piss me off. I was really angry, but decided just change channel instead of feeding his ego. He followed me, in every single channel just to purposely ruin my farm. My last solution that actually solved it all, was just log off and go play with my cat.

    Well, something normal on the drama server Mari, I assume?