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February 18, 1993
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"Lily the white skinned ghostie, had a very shiny complexion, and if you ever saw it, you'd have retina damage" cit. Totono
  • Halloween Event HS props


    EDIT: Those fences look so tiny in comparison :/

    The fences were a let down for anything I think, they're sooooo small!
  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - October 26th

    There's a mistaken hour there. Paris isn't 11 hours past Pacific, but just 9 hours. The maintenance actually started at 2PM CEST
  • Halloween event how many coins do we get?

    nevyn25 wrote: »

    it's 6 coins if you log in on consecutive days. so the max would be 155 if I did the math correctly (potential hot days/weekends not withstanding)

    I did the math only counting we would get the same amount of coins for every day (using first day as example). I tried to avoid thinking it would only be 5 coins for the first day and then 6 coins for the other days as the announcement page wasn't clear enough with everything and people seems to not get the 2 coins after 30 mins (?).
    So it seems you're right as I got 2 coins for logging in (actually relogging as I was online since 4 hours before reset)

    20 more coins than I predicted, YUHUUU
  • Halloween event how many coins do we get?

    We have 21 days.
    Logging in all 21 days will give 1 coin per day (= 21) + the 2 coins you get by staying logged 30 mins (= 42) + a coin per each daily sm you do (2 sms = 42) + 3 week-ends with 5 coins a day (= 30) for a total of: 135 Pumpkin Coins.
    With this you can add the 21 2017 Pumpkin Boxes you get by talking to the NPC everyday (one per day, 7am reset) and 3 Jack O'Lantern Coins (1 for 7 consecutive days and 2 for 10 consecutive days)

    This is what you'll get by logging in every single day and doing all the daily shadow missions and waiting 30 minutes each day, while talking to the NPC.

    [The announcement page seems to have gotten the coins per day wrong (it says "Login consecutively each day to receive 2 coins!" and "Stay logged in daily for 30 minutes to receive 1 Pumpkin Coin."): when selecting your main character, it instantly gives you 1 coin, while when relogging the window chat says if you stay for 30 minutes it will give you 2 coins. This can be confirmed when starting the event]
  • Trick or Treat?!? Free Art

    Then I start owo

    Trick or Treat?: Treat pls
    Number 1-10: 3
    Avatar Ref: (see below) Link to Full Body
    What your Avatar is dressed as for Halloween: uh, of a kitty reaper! It's weird I know but it sounded like a cute idea...
    A word to the public: Don't be afraid of the Kitty Reaper, she won't steal your soul nya~