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February 18, 1993
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"Lily the white skinned ghostie, had a very shiny complexion, and if you ever saw it, you'd have retina damage" cit. Totono
  • Balloony Pony :3

    I'm still trying to figure out which dessert could be appropriate for a balloon pony... I might create it only after I finished with my lovely Band Alpaca (name Minimallow).
    I was thinking on selling my second since I don't like having multiplies (even all the alpacas are one of each type: normal, Christmas, Handsome and Band) but then again... is it really a good pet? Is his slowness too much to handle and better just lvl it up without any lvl in mind or...?
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Bologna is the meat, but it's a balloon horse so Phoneybalogna wouldn't make much sense.

    Bologna is the city where the Bolognese sauce was created, but that name doesn't mean "meat" or anything, it's just the name they gave to a specific type of sauce made of tomato and meat (that would been normally called "ragù", translation: "meat-based sauce")
    [Source: I live at 40km from Bologna - italians really make it hard with their cuisine, especially the ones in Emilia-Romagna :worried:]
    [Deleted User]
  • Festia Anniversary Screenshot Contest [Submission]

    Those cute mini fairies are a joy to see and I really like to rest near those small little steps running around the Festia Tree. Who could say no to them?
    Seriously speaking, that's my favorite spot


    IGN: Lilyshy
    Server: Mari
  • "Cosmic" outfits?

    Oh, this is purrfect for me!
    Maybe I'll try to snatch the short version, or maybe I can get them both... ahah yeah, they'll be like an eye and a kidney each. Will keep on dreaming
  • Balloon Pony Carrot Event

    I really really really hope it SQUEEKS when you mount it or attack or... oh god

    [Deleted User]
  • New Event Coming With Tomorrow's Maint

    jjeremy wrote: »
    Blue lights cool it down. Red lights make it faster. Green lights make it use less energy.

    But back on topic: At first I thought it would be the lantern event, but I doubt it since that wasn't mentioned on the live steam. I agree with Negumiko, probably the carrot event. Is that an AFK event or a hot time attendance event? Or will it actually be... y'know... fun. Logging on and off once a day isn't much fun.

    During the livestream they actually said it was a login event: you login, get your one carrot and you can just log off for the day. You need 12 carrots to have the pony balloon pet, meaning 12 days.
    So @badnewsbarrett got it right :3 (I'm just confirming it, since I watched the livestream)
    [Deleted User]