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  • G21 Doppleganger fight(Face to Face)

    Well I managed to pull it off.

    I timed the mission so I could get 2 Paladin transformations.
    Created a catering dish with 10 Super Stick Mochis(that's 500+ STR) and had a Grand master Chef deploy it for the added duration bonus.
    Spammed final hit as often as I could with Focused Beam Sabers.
    Spammed my pets and used up all the Fate/State night event mercenary scrolls I had left just to keep the doppelganger from regenerating.

    There should have been a 100% injury mechanic like the G1 final had, this was down right insane.
  • Mega Snuggle bunny

    So much fluuf

  • [UPDATE] Addition of Sales Tax When Purchasing NX

    Nexon better be very careful with this because even in sales taxed states not everything is taxed.
    For example in Virginia, services are not taxed but sales of some digital goods are.
    For example if I buy a game off Steam that's taxed but paying for a Monthly subscription on something like Netflix or Xbox One Service are not taxed, nor are gift cards taxed.

    Taxing a Karma Koin card that was used to pay for a SERVICE could very well be illegal under Virginia Tax code and what is Nexon's VAs tax # anyways?

    The previously mentioned Court Case is license by the Supreme Court for tax embezzlement because companies could collect tax but never remit it to the thousands of tax zones in the US and no one would ever know.
  • New KR update to help newbies

    If you wanna help newbies Rollback the Dungeon Revamp. Mabi has been dying a slow death since goblins were given 2000hp in normal dungeons
  • Add Materials Option

    It took them 10 years to add commas.
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