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  • Anyone gotten a black bag yet?

    Ego weapons are still a thing?
    Greta[Deleted User]pawcalypsecourtneyy
  • Anyone gotten a black bag yet?

    Or is the bag cake?
  • New Doll Bags

    Gaea wrote: »
    I used Google translate on my phone. Assuming part of it is right: "Item collection function has been added / disabled. Activate / deactivate the item collection function by right-clicking the item! Please note that when disabling the item collection function, you will not pick up any gold."

    So I guess you can tell them not to auto pick up items until you want it to? But that means they also won't pick up gold.

    The second part of translating says that the Alban doll bags can do ventriloquism, which... I'm not sure if that's a translation error or not. I'm kinda hoping not because I really wanna see how that would work lol.

    I really wish they make a bag where you can select what kind of items you want your dolls to pick up. That way we can avoid cleaning up of items in our inventory that we don't need.

    That would be awesome. What would make that more awesome is if the doll looked like you. Think Baka and Test Avatars. ;)
  • So I just spent 23.649m for nothing

    At least Mabi isn't the type of game where 1 less a thing is the difference between victory and defeat like so many other MMOs.
  • Skill Training (Math) Question

    Opalthira wrote: »
    I dont see how 3 2s make an 8 I've always remembered getting 6x training bonus not 8.
    Its just like how everyone is like oh boy cant wait for my 64x training exp.
    And i've never seen anything above like 10.

    23 = 8