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  • Art Corner - 1st Edition

    Thank you so much for featuring my art! The community has so many wonderful artists, and I'm excited to see more in the future!!
  • [Announcement] Name Change Availability

    I got the cash shop inventory error despite not having anything there. Trying to log into the game to double-check and logging in is impossible. Will anything ever work according to plan? Find out on the next episode of Dragonball Z.
  • [UPDATE] Server Merge FAQ 2

    I wanted to keep a clear mind regarding the merge until after it happened, but I can't anymore. These FAQs offer a lot of inconveniences that absolutely aren't outweighing the benefits of a server merge. I'm sorry. As a player who warmed up to the idea of a merge, I can't agree after reading through these notes and changes.

    If someone is given a name because of a duplicate, you are asking them to sacrifice what makes that player "them" if they go through a name change. "+Server" is such an impersonal tag to impose on player names, and that change has me struggling with the thought of going through the process. Either way, you are forcing your players to lose something. They are stuck with a systematic name for themselves or change, then they must decide if they want mismatching titles/equipment, or to disband/start over with marriages and family.

    The topic of a server merge needs to be tabled until there's a better way to facilitate this. I apologise if I'm not very eloquent with my reasoning, but reading through this is mind boggling.
  • Crazy Rich Milletian Box

    I think something needs to be said for these gacha drop rates, if it hasn't been already.

    The female dignified rich outfit has the same rate as the cheerful bride dress (0.13%), yet I've only seen a handful of bride dresses on my server (Mari) compared to the dignified outfits. The pricing is drastically different as well, as the bride dress is 60-100m vs. the 12-15m dignified outfit.
    One can argue that people pay for what they like, but you are still looking at a large price gap in essentially what should be an equal chance of reward.

    This shows players that a "cheaper" or "common" item such as the dignified outfit has the same rate as a very expensive dress, which leads them to think that it is just as easy to obtain and they should spend more money on these gachas.

    I was very grateful that rates were being implemented, but it's still misleading. Showing us the rates isn't helpful if they aren't truthful.
    I'm not sure if everything is handed to NA by KR and told "Here, post this" rather than looking at the data itself, but something needs to change.

    On a side note, I am not typing this out of frustration due to wanting the dress, as I do not care for it. I have just noticed this when they began implementing gacha rates. The same can be said for how "easy" it looked to get haunted accessories during the abaddon gacha, or how many 2m feather tails spit out into the economy compared to 40m cintamani tails in our current arctic gacha.
  • Busts to Fullbodies art shop! [gold/pp] OPEN

    Hello my favorite artist, I love you.

    IGN: Lenari
    Type: Shaded bust
    Additional info: Did I say I love you? I love you.