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  • How is the gacha this time?

    I did a lot of gacha this time around ($200 or so) because I've been wanting the wings since they came out in KR. The only noteworthy thing I pulled was an Eluned Mortello Wig.

    I expected the Eluned Tea Party/Mortello outfits to be as common as the previous batch, but they are extremely rare from what I've seen. You can also tell just how low the rates are when the more "common" bloom wings are nowhere to be found. It's a lot worse than the tail and recent beauty coupon gacha.

    I supported Nexon this time around and numerous times before, but it's tiring to "support" a company that blatantly ignores its playerbase with rates like these. They're getting worse with each gacha because they're struggling even more to be profitable. This isn't how a company makes money. You need to give players an incentive to buy gacha. Their idea of it is having you pay $15 for a Hamlet 2nd coupon and a Charging Strike training potion.

    I don't believe much will change on their end, though. The bulk of gacha sales comes from the same people who quit, come back every time a new one drops, spend hundreds, then leave again. Hopefully more people will gradually stop spending altogether. That way, Nexon has to take a look at their low sales to understand the problem. Reading our feedback every patch surely doesn't work.

    TL;DR: Don't buy it. The rates are even more terrible than the beauty coupon and tail gachapon.
  • [Concept Artist] Luca's Shop [PP/GOLD]

    As a fellow artist, I think you should take the time to review your prices before you accept any orders.
    The USD prices are good because you're extremely talented, but the gold amounts they translate to are far too low.

    For example, 3.5m would equate to around $15-20, not $100.
    You should be raising the gold amounts for your work by a LOT.
  • Winter Screenshot Contest

    Here's my entry!

    I enjoy being around flowers even during the winter.

    IGN: Lenari
    Server: Mari