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February 17, 2016
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Forum name: Shiorenrawr Cresai of Mari I love my friends and music!
  • Noodle Artshop PP/Gold

    Huwwo! I am here for practice at a price. I'm still a novice since I don't draw often but I'm here to have a good time and I hope you like my art!

    Please contact me mainly via Discord because I will probably ask more more pictures. Please be patient with me for best results!
    Lucy/Shio/Cresai#4809 on Discord
    IGN: Cresai on Nao server

    PP rate $1/1mil
    I accept gold on both Nao and Alexina
    I'm willing to draw anything but if the idea is tough; it will be experimental. Please work with me when I ask questions for the scenery you want. Note that sceneries cause the character to look smaller depending where they are so please be specific on how you want it.

    Character(s) and painted scenery
    +35mil for one character and scenery
    +10mil per additional person
    Night time scenes are a bit tough for me right now but I will work with it

    Flat color
    +20mil for the first character/ 10mil per additional character
    +Let me know if you want a background or I will send it as a transparent BG
    +Simple color BG is free
    +Objects/ Specific BG ranges in price 1mil~5mil

    Free draw
    Feel free to leave a screenshot in nice lighting. I will draw your character for free but only if you let me do whatever I want with it. :^)
    If you saw my art on the Mabinogi Discord I think you'll get an idea
  • Commissioning Art? Stuck on another server?

    Thanks for bumping us up :D
  • Commissioning Art? Stuck on another server?

    Hi everyone!
    I want to make it clear that there is no current Alexina Representative.
    Our front page states:
    "All reps can also accept any server request if they have the amount on the artist's server."

    For those who have claimed we don't have the funds due to no Representative; that is not true.
    Please read the first page before assumptions.

    Thank you!
  • [Nao] Lilycal Art Shop ┊Gold┊PP┊[OPEN]

    AAHHHHHHH SENPAI!!!!! I'm going to slide my order in your dms B)
  • Commissioning Art? Stuck on another server?

    Hi everyone!

    We have long decided before the merge to stay open until Alexina is either merged too or the game shuts down.

    Since Mari, Tarlach, and Ruairi have been merged we have a large sum added together WHICH MEANSSS dun dun dunnnnn!!! If there are artists who an Alexinian wants to commission from Nao... Go right ahead! -claps- Finally, a chance for Alexina B)! We've never been able to fullfill over a large sum request but now we can.

    Thank you everyone for keeping this service up! I will still enjoy helping out even if there's no need to have Representatives anymore. So don't say we are useless or pointless please! There's still Alexina and Nao.