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April 12, 1999
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  • Goodbye Forums...?

    Gaea wrote: »
    I know I am dragging my feet at this point, but I just wanted to say I will miss interacting with you guys. I've been lurking and reading this thread. This is officially my last comment here. Take care everyone. It's been fun.

    Hit me up on discord Gaea#3992 if you like, I have left the unofficial discord channel. I'm basically just going to avoid them at this point and here on.

    Aww man, all my OG homies are leaving. Greta... Gaea... I read threads because of you guys. :'(
  • HackerAxe's (Xiokun) Freebies

    Marielx wrote: »
    First of all, welcome back and good luck on your freebie rush.

    Second, i only have a female character, but if you still find it interesting, heres my reference:
    If you prefer a simplier/more complex outfit, heres the album with all the outfits i own:

    Hope i dont end up being rude, but since you asked ill list what "I" would pay for your examples at the end of your post:
    1st: 500k
    2nd: (would never ask for a nude drawing, but the quality would be 1m)
    3rd: 2m
    4th: 4m (action poses are cool, could be worth more)
    5th, 6th and 7th: 3m

    Once again, good luck.

    Edit: I voted for good but could be better because your drawings are all great but you go way too simple on the feet/legs, im nowhere near an artists so its just my humble opinion.


    Here's your freebie, Mariel.

    I want to add that, for everyone else, as I did say earlier, I can't do everyone. Though, I also wanted to say that my freebies might be spaced out if there's others here I wanted to do. I won't be doing them all at once!
  • HackerAxe's (Xiokun) Freebies

    hello :> i still love the commissions i received from you a while back. ♥ I definitely seen a lot of improvements since then!

    One thing to think about is how much you spend time on the piece. Not a lot of people consider this for pricing.
    If you take for ex: 4+ hours then you shouldn't offer it at 5m.
    Reason is because atm rates are roughly 7/8m = $10--- 5m is about $7.

    If you worked on a piece for 4hours then you worked for $1.75 per hour which is way below minim wage level. Which imho is not acceptable. In the end its up to you if you're comfortable at accepting the price for such pieces.

    Granted a lot of people would think 10m+ is expensive however art commissions is to be considered a luxury so you shouldn't undercut your self for the time and effort you put into your work.

    The prices for art commissions is much higher outside of mabi forums in terms of USD.

    I know it would be hard to get commissions if the prices are too high in gold, so please do find a balance in the price and type of style that you're comfortable with if you're mainly wanting gold!

    In all honesty, since I'm not really on Mabinogi much anymore, I'd really want paypal, or steam giftcards so I can spend it on other games OR on Mabinogi if I want to. In the picture with the axes, I took several days, maybe two or three, and drawing for over four hours, almost six hours a day. When it's something detailed or dedicated I'm working on, a lot of my drawings take six hours straight because I strive to get the anatomy, facial expression, and just overall feel right the best I can. I'm not perfect at those things, but every drawing I try to do better than my last! :3

    I have a bad feeling the kind of gold amount I would want is way too expensive for the majority of these forums, though. I still want to do commissions, but maybe I'll just stick to people I know on discord who want them for now until I can draw faster, simpler things that won't take me long so I can charge less but still not feel undercut. That way, people can get cheaper, cool looking art while I can still feel good about what I earned. :>
  • HackerAxe's (Xiokun) Freebies

    HackerAxe (Xiokun - Server Mari) Freebies!
    Hey everyone! About one or two years ago, I came to the old Mabinogi forums and did some freebies for people. It inspired me to continue drawing digitally, and led to faster improvements over time. Then, after joining the Unofficial Offical Mabinogi Discord server, drawing, and posting my art there, I felt like I improved even faster. Now, I wanted to come back to the forums and do some freebies again to practice for a time I'll open commissions seriously.

    If you want a freebie, post references of your character, be it Mabinogi related or not. I only prefer Mabinogi related for this because their outfits tend to be more complex, and lead to better practice for drawing detailed clothes. I won't be doing everyone, and I'll be trying to pick one of each kind of type or design, be it a young child character, average sized teen character, or an adult character, be it with complex or simple clothing, or varying weights. Lastly, it would help a lot if you told me what you would pay for my art if this was a commission. It will help me determine what the price should be based on how I feel and how others here feel. Thanks for the help!

    PS: Like I said, I'm Xiokun from server Mari, but my artist name is HackerAxe on DeviantArt(, Discord(HackerAxe#7600), and Picarto(

    Here are a few examples of my work.

    Headshot - Lineart

    Nude Full Body - Lineart

    Clothed Full Body - Lineart and Basic Coloring

    Action Scene with Background - Detailed Lineart (Coloring in Progress. Full screen to see all of the details!)

    Rough Painting - Somewhat Refined Coloring

    Very Rough Painting - Sketchy Coloring

    Clean(er) Painting (I rarely like to do it very clean.)
  • Would you pay 2-3 dollar for one

    They look nice, but I wouldn't pay for one two to three dollars for one. But that's just my opinion.