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  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    I'm seeing a lot of frustration and words that can really start some arguments. I'd recommend avoiding speech that can insult people for their opinion, be it insulting those who think it's to easy, or insulting those who think it's too hard. At the end of the day we're all players trying to play the same game and have a nice time, so let's try to be civil before another thread collapses into flames. :S

    I feel that Mabinogi combat in general has drifted into being more focused on damage, gear, and pets than the kind of strategies I was used to back when I first joined. It killed combat for me in general, making me stay just for my friends and clothes. I wasn't willing to spend more time than I felt was necessary grinding gold for near 20m+ gears, pets, reforges, or maxing out every skill to Master or Dan 3 in order to do dungeons in a timely manner and/or rushed manner, so I gave up after a while. I didn't find it too rewarding. Overall, it looks to me like combat is almost all the same, but with much larger HP, and perhaps some instant kill skills in the monsters that only make the battles more frustrating. I haven't played the new generation yet, though after seeing how Sidhe- (I forget how to spell it, the one in Abb Neagh) played out, and how Rabbie Phanstam is like, I would only assume that the harder generations moving forward will only take minor gear and strategy adjustments, but the HP pool getting bigger and bigger, geared toward the strongest of the strong, while leaving the weaker content, like those mobs in Iria walking around the snow, deserts, and woods, forgotten and in the dust. It's too late to fix any of this now. We're too far up the power ladder now, and we can only go up. :/
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  • The Finale?

    Everyone should avoid using offense words like "idiotic people" in general. It's not nice, no matter who the directed target is. That's still a target audience being called an idiot, and that's rude, and I'm pretty sure it's against the forum rules since it can get someone offended and get people riled up.

    But on topic, so this is the end of the Alban Knights arc, or the story as a whole? I don't know all of Mabinogi's lore because I just couldn't get into it, but I was just curious.
  • Re:ZERO Crossover In Mabinogi Japan

    My only, teeny, weeeeeeny nit-pick is how these crossover event clothes don't have a lot of texture to them in the areas where it's just one, static color. I wish there could be something to make it look less blank. But that's just me. This stuff looks really nice. :) Too bad it's probably all gacha and no bags. :(
  • Question about the ToS update

    I hope someone does something about it. And those annoying gold advertiser bots, too. Those been around for a long time.
  • Private Academy Box

    I know this gacha is an oof when I look at the gacha page, glance down the list, and never really look at it again or even consider to buy it. Oof! Like, what happened?