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  • The Mabi of Your Dreams? (Idea thread/forum)

    That Apocalypse Raid advertisement? I would like to see that sort of thing in regular and hardmode dungeons. Not to force it on people, but have several options to vary the dungeon experience and encourage teamwork beyond merely making the monsters stronger. Something like Challenge Mode on the old Phantasy Star Online I think would be really fun.
    In no particular order:
    -Optional multiplayer mini-questlines to work through as a team (solve a mystery, split up to find items and activate switches/traps remotely
    -Single-player or npc-aided versions of the above
    -more meaningful drops (WoW-style randomized weapon and outfit drops from monsters, for example)
    -Optional DnD-style traps (pits, teleports, more lasting/dangerous status effects, etc)
    -Send groups of monsters on patrol
    -Optional bring back the items dropping on KO and the empty room that damaged players for no reason
    -optional puzzles and minigames to work together on with consequences for failure
    -optional timers in some rooms
    -optional limits on item use, recovery, etc
    -Lastly, a big prize for players/teams who beat all of these "special" dungeon modes

    That's what I got

  • What would you do if . . .

    1) Re-balance the Gs after 19, letting the players choose which version to play. A casual version for new players and players with bad builds who want to progress through the story but don't have the time or desire to re-rank this and that, and more intense versions for the ones who complain about it being too easy.
    2) Make it so higher level mobs count toward skill training requirements. The skill requires 100 enemies of the same level? Strong, Awful and Boss monsters count toward it.
    3) Add optional mini-plots to the dungeons. Wanna search for a missing person, find a lost thing, get involved in a botched science experiment, or investigate strange happenings instead of just running over monsters? Just pick it from a menu before you enter.
    4) Add optional DnD-style traps and curses.
    5. Make the old 'you might lose an item if you get ko'd' available as an option for those who liked that
    6. Bring back item bags for every new set to come out -- players can optionally pay $5 for the item they want instead of blowing $50 and getting nothing but training pots.
    7. Permanent size changes that don't affect proportions
    8. Every outfit fits every character without race, age or other restrictions.
    9. More races with their own stories (dwarf, gnome, hobbit, beastman, vampire, others?) and the ability to change races at rebirth.
    10. Get rid of this 'select a main character for this event' stuff
  • A way to fix inflation.

    As I see it, the easy answer is just put seller names in the auction house.
    Seller's gonna get pm'd with other offers to take or leave, and as for the ones posting everything at ridiculous numbers?
    *shun the evildoer*
  • They Made a Car.....

    If they bring that out here, almost everything I've mentioned wanting with my commerce partner summoned has been given to me.
    ...Everything except gunchucks.

    Confirmed. My commerce partner is a GM spy.
  • How the new Concert Hall works

    I'm gonna go ahead and make a short guide here since the npcs weren't the most informative.

    You pay 1 million to rent the stage and select your 3-hour slot from the calendar. Times listed are server time / Pacific.
    Your staff passes can only be traded one time and can be stored on pets.

    When you arrive on time for setup, talk to the middle giant, hit Enter, then talk to the middle person by the dancers and his Enter Stage.
    Once you're in, you have an hour for setup. There's an npc "Stage Effects Vending Machine" to talk to. Stage effects cost between 10k and 100k each. I didn't try stage colors or lighting as they were more expensive than I was ready for and I didn't know the next part.

    You have to be in a party and have every staff member holding a pass to enter the stage. Once your staff is onstage, the party leader can leave and come back as much as they want (I just changed channels) if you find yourself low on cash or have a late arrival.

    When the concert starts, you'll have a menu of your purchased effects. You click on the option to select who you want to use it on, click Confirm, then click the button for the effect. We had a slight delay on the effects and there's a cooldown after each use (about 12 seconds).
    It's just like the smaller stages once the show starts.

    An option to pre-load the stage with song scrolls in case someone in your party has something come up would be nice.

    Lastly, I don't know if it's a bug or if the million is just a deposit, but it didn't take the million out of my bank.

    That's it!