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  • Getting around without the Moonbook..

    Just to remind you that a Erinn day is only 36 minutes real life.... meaning you only have to wait 18 minutes cooldown at most. If you are changing continent for less than 20 minutes you might be doing something wrong xD

    And if ever you need to bypass that there is 2-3 tricks that you can use:

    Both ways:

    1. Having an Imp pet or 2 would be the easiest... Imp pet allows you to save a location and teleport to that location but also:
    2. Taking the boat (might be a bit long I don't remember... you can fish while on the boat I think)

    Uladh to Iria

    1. Any Healer in Uladh will sell Hot Spring coupon for 5000 gold. So if you REALLY need to go to Iria immediatly and you are on cooldown you can use a Hot Spring coupon to teleport.
    2. If by any chance it is Dragon time... you can teleport to Iria via the Dragon messenger in Dunbarton

    Iria to Uladh

    1. I think it requires having started G19... but you can make a Squad (16-person party) and use the "Move" function in the Squad menu (resets every 18 minutes too I think) that will teleport to Emain Macha

    PS: Do note that although Belvast is considered a continent and you can teleport to it, the moongate from Uladh and Belvast are connected. So you can use the arrow on the left or right of the continent map to change the view from Belvast to Uladh and vice versa and teleport from one to the other.