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  • This is Now My Girl

    nevyn25 wrote: »
    She's a girl with lost memories... Enn is a ghost with lost memories...
    Attempts to find further correlation.

    inb4 plot twist: their long lost sisters

    Who unfortunately fall in love with one another.

    And their combined powers will bring Erinn to its doom.

    if they have to be my doom, then yes please
  • is bug catching bugged?

    caravan joe says I'm already helping him on another character, but I haven't registered any character yet. I also logged into my main first, which I use to beat up the giant raccoon, so that can't be the issue here. anyone got any clue as to where this 'extra bug' came from?
  • Halloween Attendance Event

    I'm just in it for the robe. that looks pretty cool. couldn't care less about the other stuff. also, does anyone know if it has any special idle or something? bc the announcement banner certainly seems to suggest something like that
  • no new events for a while now, whats next for mabi

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    jjeremy wrote: »
    Now that you mention it, I've not been logging in to Mabi for a while now. I login to AFK fish while I do other stuff. Once I've finished fishing I open the jars and logout.

    This is about what I've been doing recently.

    Though sometimes I pop over to do Daily Girgashiy runs, or other things if friends call on me.

    But usually I open the jars and hop on off.

    basically this. the OX quiz event was the first event since g21 that actually gave me some incentive to really login again on a daily basis, mostly just bc I like the event ad I love the bubble chair it gave. though I should join some girg runs again sometime, since I kinda miss doing those.
  • Black bag

    Ladame wrote: »
    Opened 1200 jars all at once the other day for my gf (she was putting it off), and still nothing! I envy all 5 of the people on the server who have the bag. .-.

    5? I think that is overestimating the drop rates. I mean, even the wigs are quite rare. I've must've opened at least 1k jars by now and still only got two M wigs, which aren't even useful to me bc my char is female. even after buying the F wig from the ah didn't cause karma to give me a F wig. I mean, I'm mostly in it for the outfit, but I at least expected the wigs to be more common