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  • Updated Wallpapers!

    everybody be like, it's not new wallpapers, while I be like, I need this current login screen as wallpaper. I mean, it's hella cute
  • Neagh Fishing Event

    so anyone got a clue as to what those glass shard are for? I mean, seems like a waste of effort to me to include them when they serve no function
  • so when is nexon gonna fix this?

    ok, so I tested by turning off ad-blocker and that solves my problem. but when (and why) in the name of hell did ad-blocker become the problem? I mean, up till recently I could just charge nx normally without ad-blocker being in the way
  • so when is nexon gonna fix this?

    so I've been having nx charging issues for weeks now
    it refuses to go past this screen after selecting an ammount I want to charge. the ammount itself does not make a difference. 'other methods' also isn't the only broken option, nor am I the only one having trouble, as can be seen in the link below which links to another thread where people state they have problems with charging nx
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    Ninzerker wrote: »
    >get gud
    >almost 10 mastered talents
    >below 850 hit points max
    >Tagar hits 900 every attack
    >elf improved move speed, +1%totem +3titles +15-17% march song
    >still hit by 40% of attacks
    >don't have Wave racer and fleet feet but near max move speed not helping with evasion much
    >constant attack doesn't leave time for retaliation beyond few whip hits
    >2 pillars, bone drag debuff, dance of death debuff, shoryuken debuff, on top of fantastic chorus debuff
    >4.6% damage crit impale
    Why isn't the defeat screen auto opening the cash shop when its so heavily tailored to end game reforges and soul stone spam and speed potions
    If it was a matter of skill or ability THEN it would warrant a "Get Gud"

    basically this. I mean, I'm one of the few players who doesn't complain about not being able to one-shot mobs while at the same time complaining there's no challenging content. I like a challenge, but these bosses are ridiculous. their damage should be percentage based, so that players without reforged end-game gear can also reasonably defeat them