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  • Re:Zero Doll Bags

    Hello, I think that Nexon needs to change the way Rem and Ram doll bag works. As of right now, they cannot be used with other doll bags (such as Moonlight Fergus) but separately can be (ie. the Rem doll bag and Ram doll bag can be used with Moonlight Fergus). There is no information of this anywhere on the post and I think this is harmful negligence at best and scummy greed at worst. Many of my friends were under the assumption that they could be used with another doll bag and spent money or gold that they otherwise would not have spent.

    I have found out the reason this works is because the game doesn’t actually use “summon slots” as they would have you believe. The game uses weighted % with 100% being the max. The listed percentages are as follows:
    dual bag 75%, rem bag 30%, ram bag 30%, puck bag 25%, moonlight ferghus 40%
    (Information was found from helpful users on the Discord)

    This is concerning due to the fact that real money is involved.

    If you feel the same way please support this post and send in a ticket at this link:
  • Thoughts On G21? (Content And Story)

    Posting my late and long opinion (that no one really asked for) after thinking about it over the release and weekend. I personally believe G21 Part 2 was filled with a lot of untapped potential. Also I might be echoing some opinions in this thread, I apologize in advance. TL;DR at the bottom.

    I think the story was pretty decent as far as MMO's go. There's nothing to write home about but it wasn't poorly done either, the twist was interesting and I felt relatively engaged throughout the story. Seeing Altam's growth was nice (although his continuous brown-nosing was excessive), Llywelyn's ability of just "knowing" things was a bit shallow to cover up plot holes, and Talvish's motivations were understandable given his story. My biggest gripe with the story, however, was the lack of a satisfying conclusion and, in my opinion, will be the biggest shortcoming of this update. The conclusion is almost one of the most important parts to a story since it wraps up everything and presents it to you in what is generally the thing most memorable things of a story. The conclusion was basically a reset of everyone's character growth except Talvish is missing and everyone likes you. We saw nothing concrete of Altam's growth, Avelin's turmoil, or Caswyn and Pihne's relationship (in fact they kind of just got shoved off screen which was disappointing after the events of G20) and Llywelyn just exists now. I am especially disappointed at Talvish's character. He essentially resolves lifetime's of thought and meditation in mere moments and offscreen.

    Gameplay wise, I thought that the three major fights +1 were poorly implemented. To preface this, my character is relatively developed and I cleared with "minimal" troubles, but the damage scaling is incredibly punishing for newer players - I think damage should be done in percents. Tagar was poorly implemented, the radius of the red circle should have been more forgiving to increase awareness (also why is the first circle in the corner of the map? Why not somewhere in the middle?) and, in my opinion, gimmicks are not 'fun'. It isn't fun to run to a specific pillar, hit it, and hope everything goes well or do it again, that isn't to say that gimmick can't be fun, but this one was not. A larger radius would solve some of the issues I'm seeing. Doppelganger and Golem are forgettable fights where you either had no idea there were mechanics or the mechanics punished you incredibly hard (regen and running fast enough respectively). You either do or don't (have enough DPS where regen doesn't matter or run fast enough). The +1 I mentioned earlier was in reference to protecting Altam from Talvish. The timing here is too tight for no reason. There is no gameplay or fun to be had if you succeed or fail, it's a filler mechanic designed to waste your time. Lastly, there's Talvish's fight. This fight is too misleading in too many ways. Like the instructions with Altam, asking you to use Shield of Trust appears way too early as the move that kills you happens half a second after all the blades fall. Instructions for preventing Celestial Spike are unclear and the damage threshold for moving to the next phase (80%) is unforgiving when mechanics will one-shot you and damage is not percentage-based.

    Overall I thought the generation was a stronger one after coming from Shakespeare, but there were a lot of missteps that could have made this generation way more fun and memorable. I hope it's clear that these are my opinions and you're free to disagree with them!

    TL;DR Story was good until the conclusion which fell flat. Gameplay could benefit greatly from percentage based attacks and HP. Fights need much clearer instructions that are timed correctly. Overall generation was decent but flawed.
  • Art Commissions / Thread

    Here is New Year Azura from FEH as another reference.

  • Practice Portrait

    @SylviaWolfe Thank you

    Unrelated to Mabinogi again, but here is Brynhildr from Fate Grand Order
  • Practice Portrait

    This one isn't Mabinogi related so I hope people are still fine with me posting it here.
    Here is Tharja from Fire Emblem: