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September 7, 1988
  • oh boi paid event items now

    Dradgas wrote: »
    I really don't know why everyone keeps saying the people that are ragging on this event just want to keep market prices high. Since I'm still here trying to farm shadow missions yet I've still been unable to event get a single key, which to be fair I assume is because I can only do fairly low level shadow missions right now.

    So yes I'm here and I will say this event in my opinion is kinda crap for a new player like me since I cannot participate unless I open my wallet and essentially pay 2.50$ per key. Am I not allowed to feel that this is stupid? Because it feels really stupid.

    You're allowed to feel this event is stupid but would you rather everyone here get the Alternative?

    Where this "event" is 100% Purely NX ONLY?


    If you want translation:

    60 = 2 USD for 1 key.
    600 = 20 USD for 10 keys + 1 Special key
    1800 = 60 USD = 30 keys + 5 Special key
    3000 = 100 USD = 50 keys + 15 Special key and 30 Divine Mineral Fragment

    This event is for them is 100% NX only, you cannot participate without spending $$

    I don't know about you but, having the option to earn keys for free seems like a better deal but maybe that's just me.

    But you can say "why not just not have an event in the first place."

    well okay then, just remember that before this event started every material started at low cost of 10 million each. with some mineral exceeding 30m each.

    The less people able to run content, the more expensive materials are. which is why the erg market was a huge monopoly.

    You see the same 20 people doing content and profiting for the longest time.

    Remember when end game gear and outfits use to only cost approx 30-50m ? and now they're well past 200m and up to 3b?

    Good luck telling a new player "Just buy a basic X , it's ONLY XX - XXX millions of gold."
  • oh boi paid event items now

    This was a planned event by devs.

    TW server has the same event going on.

    Same exact drop table.

    No rates are shown for TW server because they're not required to.

    Only difference?

    Nexon added ability for you guys to farm keys from SM for you F2P.

    And removed the 3rd and 4th bundle.

    So you can stop bashing Nexon NA now.
  • oh boi paid event items now

    Dradgas wrote: »

    I mean I get where you're coming at from here, but as one of the casuals you're speaking of I haven't really been able to get a key to drop yet from the easier shadow missions. So I don't know if the casual players like me unless they've been playing for awhile will really be able to get anything that's rather costly on the market. If anything I'd say the players that have the good gear that you're talking about and are able to spam shadow missions to gather keys will just be able to amass more then they already have.

    But that's just my opinion as a giant casual, I probably don't even know what I'm talking about.

    This event is similar to the Saint Guardian Event not long ago, except this time they added optional NX keys (which is overpriced for what you're paying for)
    if you spam elite SMs in open/public parties you will eventually get enough keys to open all 66 chests just by participation. It's a dedication event meant to benefit the majority

    The Divine weapons are hardly "P2W" because they're pretty much garbage, (0 rolls for MC/HE and trash stats) they're fodder to convince dumb whales to spend money.

    (They're the same stat as if they were dropped from Baltane.)

    The only thing this event does is drop the prices of all the overpriced Erg/divine weapon materials.

    150m broken guardian blade are now slowly going down to 40m thanks to event. (Nao prices)

    The only ones complaining about "P2W" are the people who can no longer control the market to their whim.

    or the Salty people who bought materials to craft divine weapons leading up to this event.

    "Wao I spent XXXm to craft my X and now event made the mats cost XXm cheaper, oh look they added NX as an Option on the event, MUST BE P2W"

    Now this is where "OH THIS IS P2W" bandwagon starts.

  • oh boi paid event items now

    Oh noes, giving everyone the ability to open chests to decrease the value of extremely controlled market is bad!

    Damn, now all the pleb and casuals will catch up to all the elitists and market might actually be affordable now.

    Excuse me am I reading this correctly?
    You're mad they're making things more widely available and affordable?

    Shoot . . .

    Maybe backlash would be better if they pulled a CN server.

    Same Drop Table, NX ONLY keys, no chance of anyone but whales opening chest.


    Hol UP!

    TW server has the same event running as NA right now, Do you know what they're complaining about?



    Because unlike NA where the few 10% controls the entire Market, things are actually affordable for the casual players.

    Stop calling this Pay To Win.
    you're not winning anything with PVE (PVP is dead content)

    It has always been "Pay to Flex"

    Because eventually casuals will catch up to you.

    Then what?

    Well I guess you'll look for something else to Flex on.

    You're all okay with paying for Reforges , but having materials widely available is bad?!

    Nobody is telling you to whale on this event, Hell if you're really dumb enough to whale on this then Nexon really does deserves your money.

  • Rebirth Potion Parade

    Wait.. 2 pots a day is 5 days for completed rb pot , which is the same as normal rebirth... And rb potions expire after 72hours of crafting them..
    So what's the point in these rb potions?

    Since the potions can't be combined after the event Pickles doesn't see the point for this event.