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  • Petition to bring back 3d animated login screens

    Because they were awesome and of much higher quality than the bland picture login screens we have now :(

    I'm talking about 3D animated login screens alla G1-8, I think even up to G12, not sure:

  • Dungeon End Rewards Should be Changed

    People already are doing most stuff alone, this would only encourage more soloing
  • Why do people just reject good ideas? :/

    Yes, I acknowledged those drawbacks, but again, they do not make the idea itself bad.
    - Can only switch it once every 24h. Well then, it's useful once, but it still IS useful.
    - Most people know where to go. No they don't, and this is also not aimed at them.
    - Some people minimise. Then this won't affect them anyway and it will help those who use it and aren't minimised. Also you're not seeing names in that case anyway.
    "using talents for it definitely is."
    - Why? Because you can do it only once? If you already did it once that day, you just say so and we're not going with it anymore. Not that hard tbh.

    "nor does it help the confusion for those who HAVE to toggle these things off because of the lag"
    - No, but it does help the others, and as I said it doesn't HURT those who have to switch them off.

    Robes are a better idea I agree, but still people are incredibly lazy and even with the help of the dressing room, most of them couldn't be arsed to do it.

    "But instead of learning to read, more like..get used to your part"
    - Well the thing is, as I've said, it's not my part that I'm worried about. I constantly had other shields running into me while leaving spikes and blades defenseless, and when I don't have anybody near me, I don't know whether the nearest person is a shield or not.

    Also I never called anybody stupid ingame, just here on the forums, and it wasn't personal to anybody, I don't even remember who that genius was lol
    And yes, I'll repeat, replying with "learn to read" in this context is a sign of stupidity. I've explained it in detail before xD

    To be honest you don't even need to color code all roles, just the shields, because for you as a shield, you don't really care if you're shielding a spike and a blade, or 2 spikes or 2 blades,

    Ideally, the title icons are better in some regards, since it doesn't occupy any inventory and everybody has access to it off the bat.
  • Why do people just reject good ideas? :/

    Excuse me, have you ever played this game? Do you know how shitty the contrast between names and everything else is in the game, in addition to everything moving everywhere? I literally have to squint and focus for like 3 seconds to get someone's name, all this after headbutting my monitor... And I'm not the only one, literally everybody I know does this as well, and with people having, ahem, "unorthodox" names, it just doesn't work most of the times. Sure if you play with the same people over and over again you get used to them, but playing with different people almost all the times is what usually happens.

    And yes, you've got to be pretty freaking stupid to reply to an idea like this with "learn to read". First of all, reading skills are not the problem, reading their name isn't the hard part, the hard part is making out the minuscule letters in all the commotion with the crappy contrast, everything flashing and everybody moving everywhere. All the pets everywhere whose names are "John Doe's Doggie" popping in and out of existence aren't really helping this case either. Oh did I mention multiple names overlapping and not being able to make out any of them? None of this is a problem if you use the talent icon as a guide, if they overlap you can still make out rather easily the icon.
    Secondly, it DOES take a stupid person to say something like that. You're not accepting the idea, not rejecting it, not giving constructive criticism (or any kind of criticism for that matter), not giving a reason, it's basically an irrelevant statement that serves no purpose whatsoever other than burning a few calories typing it...
  • Why do people just reject good ideas? :/

    Short answer: subjectivity.
    Long answer: subjectivity /sʌbdʒɛkˈtɪvɪti/ noun The quality of being based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.

    Here's the thing: it's not subjective. The fact that doing this does help is objective, not subjective. There is absolutely no drawback to this (different from limitations).
    Here's a different way to notice it: if everybody would use it, would this idea help the players? Yes. Is there any way it would be bad for the players? No. The fact that it would help if everybody used it is independent of other player's opinions, ergo it's objective.
    Twelie wrote: »
    This. Maybe they just don't think it's such a good idea. Maybe it's not "perfect". Perhaps they're not stupid, either. Did that hostility come through in you asking?

    But can they explain why they think it's not a good idea? Substantiate your opinion, because if you don't, you just look lazy :/
    The "hostility" was just towards the genius that said "how about you learn to read"... And my position is still the same: if your rebuttal to my idea is "learn to read", then you're just being stupid, simple as that. And yes, that's my subjective opinion ;)

    The robe idea is even better and I've thought about it as well, as I said, but it's harder to implement because people are lazy :/