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  • Broken seed

    im standing on my homestead with the candy tree seed. i have the menu open, im looking at small candy tree. the button for create/ create with pon is null and unclickable. however i can click create on the medium tree for it to tell me i dont have the materials.
    small candy tree requirements: candy tree seed. i have said seed but its still nulled. have i missed the cutoff point or something, coz i literately just picked up the seed.

    Do you have another small tree planted already? From what I've seen others say, you can have only 1 of each size planted.
    As for doing the medium tree, you mention you had the candy tree seed, is that the one from Joe or one you planted and removed or bought from another player? If it is the "small candy tree seed" that you get from removing or buying from someone else, you will need that as well as 5 bottles of water to make the medium.
  • Stamp Sprint- Gathering Corn doesnt count?

    Do you have another quest for gathering corn? If you have the gathering daily for corn it will count for that first, there is also a magic skill that has the corn gather in it I think, but it's been a while since I've done that...maybe lightning rod.
  • Essence of Spring Location

    I have not had this yet myself, but just by the bees comment I would think maybe Corrib Valley where you can collect honey. Hopefully if that's not it someone else will know.
  • You have made the best (insert food item name)

    Yes, on your character tab :)
  • You have made the best (insert food item name)

    I had this happen few days ago, don't know what triggers it. It ends up in the collection journal as..."A word from Master Chef [your name]. I didn't know this and just wrote " :) "