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  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    Well, I'm gonna add to the tactics, since I found this thread helped me a lot and people are posting them here. Thanks, btw, to the people who posted their strategies, notes and videos here and on youtube, they really help me plan out my 2nd (and successful) try.

    The overall strategy for his fight is based on timing due to his instant-death skill - you need to read his cues, such when he talks and his skill-load animations to know how to move/dodge/use a skill. You can also ignore the white text - they aren't timed well, but they can help.

    So adjust your camera to see him very well!

    I also really suggest watching the many videos on youtube to get used to reading him (tho, a lot of them don't really use tactics and just bulldoze thru since they're OP, you may want to ignore their methods and just focus on being able to time Talvish).
    I actually like boss fights like this, with timing and counter mechanics, but I admit that they could have explained those cues and do the white text's timing better. Tho, I did the original g10 final, so I just feel relieved it wasn't as BS as that.

    If you find your dps is too low like me:
    Well, first of all, as someone else noted you can spam Spear of God. I did for the first part since I found my dps was too low to finish within the time limit (only to about 50% when time ran out...) So, just use SoG whenever you need to take a chunk of his HP bar out - it's one of the best dps skills that EVERYONE can use, since y'all should have r1 SoL by this point. If you want more omph, use shock.

    As for the new GOD skills, you don't have to use it if you aren't good enough at it. I only used it for nova blast for the massive damage, and blink to counter the divine-skill lock skill he has. Otherwise, I de-trans to use my mana-shield, and to spam lightning rod, fireball, add music buffs, and prot lowering skills like Dance of Death.

    People here mentioned all of this, but there are several ways to avoid/deal him cancelling your divine skills:
    - the way the Devs intended is to use judgement blade on him before he finishes the spike; You need to load AS SOON as the white text tells you that you can COUNTER him, OR AS SOON AS Talvishs starts to blab about a prophecy.
    - If you mess up or think you won't have time to use JB, WM before he spikes you - I did this several times and works every time.
    - If you fail to prevent him spiking you, WM him after to prevent him instant killing you, but this only works if you spam it until the lock on you disappears since his AI likes him to use the instant-kill in the first 5 moves.
    - Blink also cancels aggro, so use that to cancel his attack BEFORE he spikes.
    - In the same manner as Blink, Crisis Escape also works. Tho it failed on me twice, so I'm not sure if this was coded in like the other debuffs or a glitch/lag on my end with my 2 other successes due to something else.

    Note, if he loads up the instant-kill and the blades already appeared, NOTHING WILL SAVE YOU. At that point, you're dead if you can't use SoT. I haven't seen a single i-frame work either - Personas, trans, paper airplane, chain blade, NOTHING.

    As for his reaper moves:
    The 2 strategies I know are to
    - Stand where he is so you can move behind him JUST AFTER he starts the animation to attack (his aim locks when they start the animation, so abuse that)
    - OR to stand far away and run fast to dodge. Not so sure about this, since I melee and need to be close.

    If you f*** up:
    - Abuse i-frames, like the chain-blade i-frame, the paper-airplane i-frame,
    - OR old-school it like I did (cause they took my wm i-frame TT TT) and create a camp fire for an invincible wall, lolol.
    - Campfires won't protect you from instant-death, sadly, but it helped me dodge his reaper attacks when he teleported and I couldn't move in time, but I suggest laying one down whenever you can so there's always 2 to run behind

    If you want to practice outside of fighting Talvish, go fight Grim Reaper in Avon. Talvish has only one reaper attack that's basically the Grim Reaper's 2 attacks combined into one full frontal 180 degree, but if you can dodge grim reaper easy you can dodge Talvish easy.

    As for my "power level", no stats are above 1k without pally (TT TT), but I used the Festia bonus to help me just get over 1k for int and MP pool there. Weapons are focus rainbows and hermit staff from seal shop, only to step 3. No reforges, since I'm cheap/don't understand how to apply them. Below 6k CLvl, and I play on and off so I haven't manage to gather as many stuff from events to help me. I also play completely free, so no help from the cash shop for me (TT TT).

    There seems to be some argument about titles (?), but I have none of the ones mentioned, so...? I haven't done any of the newer end-game stuff, so I have no idea. I only know I can solo peaca normal, but that's pretty outdated.

    Oh, also, some skills have been mentioned to been de-buffed in the wiki, so avoid those (FH, bash, and some others, I believe).

    I hope this helps others like this thread helped me!

    Edit: My atrocious grammar.