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June 24, 1996
  • Dungeon Content: Deep Dungeons

    I mainly want to see this in the game because i really like the idea of a near endless dungeon, i think it would make a cool and unique way to get materials that can just be tedious otherwise.

    IGN:Auralain Server:Erinn
  • Dungeon Content: Deep Dungeons

    So some basic concepts, The dungeons in mabi generate on a tileset, this system could easily be used for some great content. Make a dungeon that is relatively simple to get into, No Special passes required to enter, Maybe some special passes for things ill explain later. Make use of all the existing dungeon Tilesets in this dungeon so each floor can be different, maybe even sprinkle in a couple new tilesets for freshness. The dungeon Starts off very easy Beginner level dungeon mobs, extremely simple to get through, but not a ton of great rewards. Every so many floors have some kind of boss to fight Starting off simple could be a spider boss from one of the Easier Alby Dungeons. As you progress further and further through the floors of this dungeon the mobs get stronger, Bring in mobs from Shadow Missions, Tech Missions, Mag Mell Missions, and any others. As you go through the dungeons, NPCs like Goro can start to appear, ones who sell you general necessities and ones who can repair gear. Make this dungeon effectively endless. Once you enter there are only a couple of ways to leave, The way you came in, Through special Goddess Statues every so many floors, or by dying and reviving in town. Dont allow Respawning at the Goddess Statues, only way to revive is through a party member, Soul stones, or Balloons. In order to make this dungeon effectively endless without causing massive server loads, the dungeon will only mantains its form for the lowest floor the player has been on and 4 floors above, from that point beyond they would get a message "The way back is impassable, It appears the Mana holding this place together has collapsed". As you delve deeper into the dungeon the rewards could get better, from materials for things such as CRK Swords as far as something as Materials for a Soluna Blade (this would likely be pretty deep tho). Bosses could become as difficult as the Bosses from different Generations such as Claimh Solas, and as you progress further and further bosses could be buffed versions of these same bosses. Add new treasure rooms, make them have special entry requirements such as the seal stones or the mouse hole in the Shadow Mission, give them a chance to be trapped where when you try to open a chest it could spawn hordes of mobs that you have to defeat to leave the room (if trapped no treasure) if the player gets one that isnt trapped there could be some kind of reward based on depth, checks of different values, Gems, and Enchants. Also Make support puppets non-functional inside.

    This Type of content would be infinitely expandable, as new items, dungeons, and mobs are added. New content could be added to these dungeons
  • Two Sentence Horror Story: Mabinogi Edition

    I approached Ciar ready to enter and claim my branch, a figure stepped out from behind the tree. I stood there in shock as the figure was a woman with glow of silver around her, then everything went black.

    -Auralaina, Nao
  • The Finale?

    Its an honest misunderstanding, and i dont appreciate being called an idiot when i chose to ask, its not like i went around dunby telling everyone this is the end of all of mabi
  • Is Ruairi still active?

    FAITH!!!!!! COME BACK ALRDY DUDE!! The server is like super active. ppl just say its dead bcuz the main afk towns are emptier. I run into ppl all over Erinn. especially those exploring iria.