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September 6, 1991
  • combination of musical skills

    You have to use music skills that involve buffs, but you have to let it play until the end. Don't cancel the duration of the skill or it won't count.

    CATEGORY: Fairytale
    IGN: Darkwaterfury
    LOCATION: Courcle Erkey Falls
    ITEMS WORN: Pegasus' Wings, Mysterious Girl Outfit, Enchanted Bride's Bracelet, Blue Aeronaut Angel Wings, and Women's Flats
    INSPIRATION: I created my own character by mixing the ideas between Disney Fairies and Pangya.
  • What's Your Personal Mabi Goal?

    My goal is to get all the techniques to level 10 and all available skills to dan 3.
  • Black bag

    Mizuko wrote: »
    I wound up getting this instead. I usually leave the game on, so I can focus on important work stuff.


    Not AS great as a Black Bag (unless you already have one), but it gives you up to 10 free slots on any item bags.
    You may also be able to use it on merchant bags, increasing your sales area and actually giving you 11 free slots if you use it on any of the 11x11 bags.

    True, but Nexon might pull a 12x12 bag in the future. I apply it to my Star Bag.
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    My cousin showed me the game in 2008 when I was a console gamer. At first, I lacked the creativity and power I need to play the game. I ended up quitting because the rebirth cost money and I don't have the funds to perform that. Then, my cousin messed up my old character so bad that I have to create another one from scratch. Later on, I went back into the game when the Iria Update came out and my creativity grew after watching some anime and playing a bit of Pangya. (That game shut down sadly.) I return back to the game to catch up to my cousin's level and gaining the resolve into getting stronger. When the blackrobe incident came out, my cousin quit, but I got very lucky that I was not involved with the incident. I ultimately surpass him in terms of skill, power, and tactics. Later, my creativity improved to create my own sense of fashion. I improved my skills and power little by little each day to the point of getting rank 1 of all available skills and capped all of the available skills. Overtime, when free rebirth came out every week, I prefer staying at age 10 instead of age 17 because I prefer my character to be more like a Touhou character. When Dan Test Revamp came out, it's back to training again, but in the present, I am focusing on Crusader EXP and Levels. (Note: I had to quit the game for 6 months to focus on my studies.)

    In the present, I have created my own unique character, which is completely different to around 99% of the players in the Mari server. (Note: That percent was a guess.) I became extremely powerful without relying on gachas (happens on rare occasions), gaining extra boost from events, delivering strong damage output, high gold and ducat cashflow, and continuing to reach the goal of getting to Crusader Level 225. I tend to use my own money to get pets from cash shops on certain occasions. Overall, I enjoyed the game as a whole because it has fulfilled about 90% of my creativity.