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  • What if Hailstorm became like Giant Fullswing

    Even if I'm nice and assume a low atk of about 600-800
    Most top archers I know should have over 1000 in min/max
    40% overture
    R7 Bow/
    840-1120 Base Atk
    3.24x Critical Multiplier

    Not assuming dual Magnum Damage 3 Accessories
    Dragon Bone Chip has not been factored into this +20% attack damage, this will stack multiplicatively with overture giving you a min/max multiplier of 1.68x your base damage

    Erg50 Bow/Crossbow was not factored in this, but doubled aimspeed with reduced cd on miss will increase the dps easily over firebolt

    Dan3 Magnum 560%
    4704-6272 non crit
    15240-20321 crit

    Magnum Damage 20 Gloves + 200%
    = 760%
    6384-8512 non crit
    20684-27578 crit

    Bohemian Magnum Boost(1.15x)
    = 874%
    7341-9789 non crit
    23786-31715 crit

    87% Magnum combo card(6th Magnum)
    = 1634.38%
    13728-18305 non crit
    44478-59308 crit

    The damage is much higher on an actual dedicated elf archer who shoots magnums every 0.5 seconds, I was just being nice and put a lower base min/max damage

    Here is the damage you would do with the most OP reforge/set effect setup with 87% combo card, 800MA, 450-600 atk with 43% overture.
    R7 wand for the non ego wand

    Sorry you need to open the image in another tab to see the entire chart

    Non Ego Wand
    Ego Wand

    Everything here is assuming no reductions.
    Dont forget that physical damage has many def/prot reducing skills such as bone dragon summon, uppercut, scooter imp, snowman, dance of death,

    Bows/crossbows have a piercing of 1~5
    Regular Crossbows 1
    Bhafel Hunter 1 + 1
    Divine Crossbow 2 + (1~3) Novel Enchant
    Celtic Royal Crossbow 3 + 1

    Piercing from 1~5 ignores 6 def and 5 prot per level
    Piercing 1 = 6 def 5 prot ignore
    Piercing 5 = 40 def 25 prot ignore

    Hydra's reductions are nothing compared to what physical classes can use.
    If I had the opportunity to change race, I would switch to elf and go do archery instead of magic

    EDIT: I made a magnum spreadsheet


  • What if Hailstorm became like Giant Fullswing

    Cho wrote: »
    Owntrolf wrote: »

    If he actually needs the deep hard facts he can just look at my screenshot that I made using my spreadsheet for magic
    This is assuming 1500 int with 600MA no speed reforges besides from Magic Weapon mastery and int/5000 casting speed bonus

    Should all skills in the game be balanced around the newest highest level end game content? Does DPS take into consideration knockback, mana consumption, monsters that actually move and not just the DPS minigame in Festia? I sure do love random data with no context.
    MabiIn2k19 wrote: »
    Someone with probably under 1k int...

    Why are you so hostile even though you've only posted 8 times? We're talking about whether Hailstorm needs to be revamped, not what works in whatever you think endgame is. If you want to claim hailstorm isn't as versatile as firebolt, I agree and we can stop there. If you or anyone else on this forum actually think having 2500 mana and 600 MA with maxed casting reforges is the norm, you're crazy. I'm saying it has it's uses in regards to mana consumption, damage, or even if someone only specifically wants to run a staff + something that isn't a wand. Hailstorm becomes a CC Firebolt alternative.
    GTCvActium wrote: »
    Just to add to this, Firebolt ...

    Yes, firebolt is strong. Rather than introduce a bigger powercreep because firebolt is at the top, maybe making firebolt weaker or adding versatility to other skills is a better idea. I'm not for revamps but I don't mind Icebolt having a slowing effect or lightning bolt increasing damage on max charge. Even what that Gaea said about adding the ability to spellwalk with hailstorm would be fine or adding some sort of Ice wall with durability that gives you ADV Heavy while you use it would be fine.

    You can make a copy on your own Google Drive or download the Excel file to play around with this spreadsheet.
    -The formula is based off the formula you can find publicly on

    The DPS assumes you have perfect ping and casting and is towards single target with no knockbacks or any interruptions.
    If you want to do multi target for other skills like Fireball, just multiply by how many targets there are. Many of the skills don't break even with Firebolt until you start hitting at least more than 3-4 targets at once.

    Because Firebolt is the only skill that doesnt screw you over because
    -No charge loss on knockdown/knockback
    -Its fast cast(CC4 wand)
    -You have mobility
    -High damage

    The every other magic screws you over besides possibly lightning rod
    -Icebolt loses 1 charge on knockback and has bad damage
    -Lightningbolt loses 1 charge on knockback and has bad damage
    -Ice Spear loses 2 charge on knockback and has medium damage but has a 50% damage penalty for anyone else attacking the frozen targets causes multiaggro on yourself
    -Fireball loses 1 charge on knockback and has okay damage but still isnt as good as Firebolt at damage and causes multiaggro on yourself
    -Thunder loses 1 charge on knockback and has mediocre damage

    -Icebolt/Lightningbolt/Thunder gets you killed if the mob has mana deflector because they will ignore a majority of the hitstun, Thunder will prevent you from switching gear until the first lightning strike comes down.
    -Hailstorm loses the entire cast on knockdown and is a massive waste of time to cast for so little damage.

    -Firebolt is good because it literally keeps you safe with forced knockback and does high damage with little that can interrupt it
  • What if Hailstorm became like Giant Fullswing

    Lutetium wrote: »
    Cho wrote: »
    So just to be sure I tested this with 272 magic attack.
    Now that you've mastered the basic skill functionality against young brown foxes, I suggest trying Hailstorm and Firebolt in Feth Fiadha advanced so you can really judge how good the skills are.

    I thought my firebolts did loads of damage, but this post was an absolute burn.

    If he actually needs the deep hard facts he can just look at my screenshot that I made using my spreadsheet for magic
    This is assuming 1500 int with 600MA no speed reforges besides from Magic Weapon mastery and int/5000 casting speed bonus
  • Google Docs Spreadsheet For Magic

    Magic reforges besides MA and CS are pretty sad
    Combo card is literal cry

    You should be able to just copy the google sheet/download it and edit the values to whatever you want
    Formulas are from

    Note: Just fill out wherever it is the non neon green,
    -Int at the top is just for cast speed purposes
    -If you are using Overture make Vivace 0 and vice versa,
    -Reforges are entered as Levels
    -Staff Erg Speed bonus is entered as a decimal 30% = 0.3
    -The vertical orientation of the damage chart is mostly for people whose screens aren't wide enough
  • What if Hailstorm became like Giant Fullswing

    Hinotama wrote: »
    Hailstorm is fine the way it is. You just need to know how to use it.

    the way to use it is to not use it, its just for stats right now
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