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Your Fallen God

Can we fix the gap between giants and every other race please?


Your Fallen God
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  • Fix The Gap B/w Giants and Every Other Race

    Maybe give humans the ability to dual wield axes? Maybe give elves the ability to dual wield in general, fix the damage/def/prot balance giants take 1's with their cheapest vales shield while they hold a lance/2h sword for humans in their other hand... They have an overwhelming amount of OP skills Stampede, Final Strike, Windguard, Full Swing without being in trans, shieldless charge without reforge, higher smash damage, a skill that literally gives them 10% more damage while humans get 10% more speed (making them STILL SLOWER than both other races even with it active), higher charge damage, higher stats overall.. as it stands they have the most skills, most stats and cheapest OP gear with the least amount of effort. Ranged skills are the biggest pain in the butt, not to mention you have to pay NX if you want 1k arrows without carrying around endless amounts of em, they don't have to nerf giants just bring the other races up to par, especially if people are hosting pvp tournaments and expecting to see giants lose to an elf with "no mag spam" restrictions. Who else would like to see some balancing to this game?
  • Broken Human Buff

    Just here complaining again about the buffs for the classes, I love how Giants; the most OP class, get a 10% damage buff, the slowest class; humans, get the 10% speed buff which STILL makes them slower than both classes on, even with fleet feet, champ wings or the Saint's helm because you can only cap at two buffs; helm or wings, feet and wings, feet and helm, wings and helm, etc. You can't get a buff from Champ Wings + Fleet Feet + Saint's Helm to make myself as fast as a giant/elf. While the elves who can run and range get a 10% aim speed buff, and the giants get a damage buff, as the most powerful class already there.. Breath of Ladeca actually triggers me because if you palalan embrace + use the skill and get a +40% speed buff for your embrace, your other buff won't trigger with it (because you're capped); making it completely useless, even though it already is in comparison to literally any other class than human. Why not let us choose which buff to take, or why even bother giving humans a speed buff when it doesn't do anything. Also bring back Mir Dragons, uncap egos and fix your game; race wise. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.
  • Fullscreen crash

    @Discomfort Try pressing both Alt keys and enter at the same time
  • Harvesting Raw Wood after Sound of Spring Event

    After the event has ended I harvest my tree in my homestead thinking it wasn't over, I would have kept it full sized if I had known but I found you can not drop, burn, destroy, deposit in my bank or trade the item to another character. Please allow me to get rid of this 2x1 item in my inv. Ty
  • What events would you like to see comeback!!??

    Stone protection event. Failed s6 so many times, while ppl are hella lucky getting to s7 first try. I've failed all 4 of the last Step 6 event protection stones (I'm almost certain they're rigged.) and I've only succeeded once on an actual step 6. It's actually aggravating to blow up so much money every time.