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When elves don't have the dark skintone options...


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Veteran player (known as pink elf with a mustache) from Alexina server, my IGN is same as my forum name - feel free to add me as a friend!
  • [Announcement] Server Merge & FAQ

    Another comment here joining in to say that it’s one of the biggest mistakes to not include Alexina in the merge as well.

    A game like Mabinogi would benefit from having one big server but now that we will get two, one server will end up dying out like usual, lol.
  • Tech Duinn missions

    GTCvActium wrote: »
    Also a tip for Revived Illusion. During the "rescue the hostage" rooms having all 4 members in the circle will speed up the circle's timer. The best strategy, particularly at the harder difficulties, is to have all 4 members in the circle and have sand burst ready and blind the mages. Once the hostage is freed, you can then go about murdering everything in the room in a massive bloodbath.

    I can confirm that this is the best strategy because having just one player on the circle make it shrink super slowly while having 4 players on it make the circle shrink a lot! Everyone just basically stood next to me with Nascent as I spam Shield of Trust and have people spam Dance of Death to stunlock the Followers for a time being til the circle disappears.

    On a good side, I finally got the 10th Technique by getting a crit hit finish on Balor.
  • Remove the Festia Instant prize event(s)

    I agree that we shouldn't do anymore of the Festia Instant event and to make it worse.. the 100m golds are handed out to players most likely abusing the multi-client and alts

    That event basically just encourage people to break the ToS by using multi-client and abusing the alts to get the prizes while it feels like Nexon isn't doing anything to actively ban the multi-client users because I still see lot of those players around in Alexina.

    So in that sense, you can say that the event are basically rewarding players for breaking ToS.
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  • Alchemy nerfing is a bit extreme

    I have to agree that Alchemy really got the short end of the stick for most of the newer contents. They literally gave some contents an “artificial difficulty” by basically making it so Barrier Spikes can’t be used in those. Frozen Blast and Sand Burst doesn’t even work in most of those newer content so like what Blissfulkill said, it’s annoying when people rank those kind of skills up due to the usefulness of those skills then DevCat basically added in the ‘artificial difficulty’ by making those skills unusable.
    Maybe they don't want people to cheese the content with hydra. Should the actual summoned hydra have health and attract enemy aggro?

    People don’t use Hydra to cheese content anymore it’s waaaay faster to just kill things with several skills and not to mention, you can’t really cheese most of the new contents with Hydra anyways so I’m not sure why the summoned Hydra need to have the health honestly.
  • Permadeath Server

    While the idea itself would be interesting and may work for some games, it wouldn't work at all for Mabinogi due to MANY different reasons that people have provided in here so I will have to say no, sorry!