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Crap, all of my posts went down the drain with the last update huh? well then, lets start from scratch then! I aint gonna let something of this level stop me from trying again.


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April 23, 1989
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  • Give the new HS nodes an "Empty" state.

    When you harvest herbs in your homestead, the herb nodes will have visible herbs all over it but once its empty it will turn into an empty node with some dirt to show that there is nothing more to harvest for now.

    We just got some new nodes to the Homestead!
    Wheat Field - (Can be gathered 5 times/node) (Drops: Wheat)
    Barley Field - (Can be gathered 5 times/node) (Drops: Barley)
    Corn Field - (Can be gathered 5 times/node) (Drops: Corn)
    Potato Field - (Can be gathered 5 times/node) (Drops: Potato)
    Shellfish Gathering Site - (Can be gathered 5 times/node) (Drops: Shellfish)
    Hazelnut Mushroom Site - (Can be gathered 3 times/node) (Drops: Random Ore Fragments)
    Mineral Vein
    Metallurgy Site - (Can be gathered 5 times/node) (Drops: Wheat)
    Light Brown Pine Mushroom Site - (Can be gathered 3 times/node) (Drops: Light Brown Pine Mushroom)
    Gold Mushroom Site - (Can be gathered 1 time/node/ONCE A WEEK) (Drops: Gold Mushroom)

    All in all im thrilled with all the new options for my homestead and im working hard to get enough resources for all of them, but there is a problem with these new nodes, they only have 1 sort of state so you can't tell if they're empty or not. (Excluding the "Metallurgy site" that stops sparkling and the "Hazelnut Mushroom Site" that runs out of shrooms after you're done collecting everything available)

    My suggestion, have them change like the herb patches once you've harvested everything for the day. The Wheat/Barley/Corn could look less bountiful/sparce while the potato field and shellfish gathering spot could look like an empty plot of land or have fewer greens/waste on them?

    Please make a visible difference for all of the new fields so you know when they're ready to be used again please.

    Maramon, Alexina Server

  • Spring Garden Box

    I got really lucky and got the tree at my first try, then i bought a few more for the 2nd tree and i got a few more flower items as a bonus.

    Its just a dmn shame that Mabinogi wont let us get ahold of these items outside of the gacha, you can create so many beautiful things as long as you manage to build the items. <3
    (Seriously, many of the new decoration items should have been added to the construction list instead of the gacha list..)

    The Figure box, however, is a trap. The Figure obtained (Your own choice, 100% success) can only be placed/used inside your house and not in your regular Homestead like all the other Figures we've been able to get in the past.
    (No details about extra stats are mentioned in the selection process.)
    After clicking on the Figure Selection Box you will be able to pick one of the figures available in the box:

    Homestead Housing Nao Figure
    Homestead Housing Ruari Figure
    Homestead Housing Mari Figure
    Homestead Housing Tarlach Figure
    Homestead Housing Young Tarlach Figure
    Homestead Housing Kristell Figure
    Homestead Housing Ogre Figure
    Homestead Housing Fergus Figure
    Homestead Housing Reno Figure
    Homestead Housing Vay Figure
    Homestead Housing Tion Figure

    A cute miniature of *Figure* that can be placed in your Homestead House. Let *Figure* give your home a unique flavor!

    And btw, there is no junk like potions etc in this gacha for some reason. I only got Homestead items.
    (This might be a bug of some kind. Because, you know, Gacha.. :P )
  • Nerf or buff

    chain impale(850%) 4.5 second stun (unessassaryly huge)
    Smash with (720%) Knocks the target back
    No wonder no one who uses it complains, it straight up spits on any ability that came before it in damage.
    this stuff is even reccamended for new players for how stupidly broken it is in comparison.
    not even taking into acount the rapid spammability.

    Im getting a little tired of you avoiding all the other benefits of Smash just to force your opinion about the chain skills here, here is a small and quick list of what smash can do:

    [1] Smash can bypass the Defense skill.

    [2] Starting at Rank 5 Smash will get a splash damage effect and can attack multiple targets instead of just 1.

    [3] Smash has a chance to inflict a debuff

    [4] Smash can inflict Bleed, dealing damage over time (Sword-type equipped)
    - (Health reduction effect stacks with other damage over time effects such as Poison Attack or Mirage Missile, ignores defensive stats, Passive Defense, Invulnerability, and Mana Shield damage reduction during damage calculation, and can lower a target's HP past 0 and can kill while also ignoring Deadly status.)

    [5] Smash can inflict Daze, preventing the opponent from using Magic and Alchemy Skills.
    - (This can be applied on players, unlike Somersault Kick.)

    [6] Smash can decrease the opponent's Defense and Protection.
    - (The debuff may also apply to any enemy hit by the skill's splash.)
    - (The debuff's duration can be refreshed and reapplied.)

    [7] Smash can be used anytime with any equipment except when the Atlatl, Bow, Crossbow, or Dual Gun are equipped.

    [8] When Smash is at Rank 9 the quest for Bash is unlocked, yet another skill that can be used nearly anytime you want.

    I think its about time that you stop complain about the difference in pure attack power and only mention the stun effects of the impale skill while ignoring everything that the Smash skill can do. Its called a balance for a reason, if Smash were even stronger then of course it wouldn't work out.

    Please do your research before trying to ruin the fun for us chain users, our skills are locked to the chain only while smash can be used with nearly anything in the game, and of course, our amount of Dorcha limits the skills as well. It's a lot trickier that one thinks to save the right amount of Dorcha in battle and many times we might not even have time to collect more.

    If unlucky, a single proper combo at the right time can render a chain user helpless in a 1-on-1, out on the field we can be attacked by multiple monsters and lose the fight that way as well.

    + A lot of the chain skills are locked behind various quests and RNG hunts making the Chain Talent one of the more dificult talents to master while Smash & CO are for free.

    Smash and the Combat skills overall is one of the oldest and most versatile skill set in the game, if they were all more powerful in pure stats excluding all the extra goodies they've been given over the years then no one would want to try out any other talents.

    But that's just my thoughts on the matter, either read up on the skills more properly before you start another argument again or just back off if you don't know what you're talking about. I don't think you're a troll here and i don't think you're here to start a fight, but i also don't think that you know how dmn powerful that smash is to begin with.

    Sure, the chain might be better in the short term but smash can be used in any situation at any time. And as mentioned it has a lot of different damage multipliers that no other skill has.

    You can google for the more accurate table or even visit the Wiki and read up on some of the more well known facts if you wanna continue your arguments.

    Good Luck.
  • Nerf or buff

    Greta wrote: »
    I like Chains.

    So... I don't want nerf of it. It makes my life easier. Was bored of keep using Bash and Smash.

    Im on Greta on this subject, i like the chains so no support from my side regarding the nerf.

    If you want a remake on the older skills then that's a different subject, btw, the debuffs that smash have (depends on what kind of weapon equipped) is a game-changer, if you're only looking at the pure DPS then yes, you do have a point that it might look weird. But that's for the balance sake.

    And there are many other elements to the skills that you haven't taken into consideration on this matter.
  • Partnet idea

    1000 you can summon 2 partners 5000 you can summon 3 to take over the party for dungeons and learn the power of rebirthing through nao by the cost of happiness or something like gold with the ability to give them totems and no partner locked equipt trading with maybe more anime sales god i love rem and ram but compared to gotchapons your pet sales and pet medal sales have dropped alot tho i would like to also see a overhaul more or less of the pets with something more mount and flying oriented permanently on shop as the current options are way to slow to the point your better of just earning the 10 pegasus or a event 10 months from now maybe? and i dont mean free pets as in sales are like events too

    Im a little confused here so i tried to sort your suggestion out, please tell me if im wrong anywhere.

    Your suggestion:
    After reaching Cumulative level 1000 you will have the option to summon 2 partners at the same time.
    After reaching Cumulative level 5000 you will have the option to summon 3 partners at the same time.

    The partners can help you out as a party in the dungeons and normal gameplay and after meeting Nao they can rebirth but will have their happiness lowered or by offering gold to Nao in order for them to rebirth, you also want them to be able to trade more anime related goods and when you're giving something to them (Equipment, outfits etc) they won't be partner locked and you will be able to take them back for repairs etc.
    And you would like them to be able to equip and have active tokens that will give them a boost to their stats.

    You're also a little disappointed in Mabi's lowered sales of pets and pet medals and would like an overhaul of the currently available pets and have them focus on mounts and flying mounts for the players and a pet that could always stay at your shop without being desummoned due to time running out.

    The rest i couldn't make out I'm afraid but what i understand what you want in this suggestion is an update on your partners and lifting the limitation of the restricted amount of summoned individuals + more variations in available pets.

    * Have more partners out at the same time.
    * Partners being able to rebirth
    * Better partner trading options and no exclusive lock after trades
    * Partners being able to use totems
    * More mounts and flying mounts available as a pet
    * A shop pet that won't despawn

    To be honest i don't think that many of your ideas will work out properly here and you have mashed together 2 suggestions into 1 so your suggestion is against the rules of posting a suggestion so this will all probably be ignored.

    You have a suggestion about the partners and you have a suggestion for more pets, if you want them both then you need to make 2 different suggestions and to be more clear in what you want to say. It was quite hard to read and understand everything you said so if you can edit your suggestion and follow the guidelines then you will have a better chance of having anyone notice your suggestion.

    The one thing im a bit confused on however is the rebirth option, what good will rebirthing your partner be? They wont get any AP and they will only become weaker Lv1 again with all of their learnt skills sealed.

    Could you please explain in more details of your ideas?