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Crap, all of my posts went down the drain with the last update huh? well then, lets start from scratch then! I aint gonna let something of this level stop me from trying again.


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April 23, 1989
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If you dont want other people to be rude then you should stop being rude yourself, be the one to break the circle.
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I like fantasy, and im here to live that dream of living in a world filled with wonders i can only think of as a fantasy world.
  • Hands off my gear!

    Ive rebirthed many times before and sometimes i just dont have enough space in my inventory or some equipment in the locked style tab gets thrown off and makes it impossible to reequip it again unless you spend some NX in the webshop.

    I dont want the newbie wear to unequip everything i own then dress me in this again every time i rebirth, its a hassle to equip all my items that "might" not fit in my inv.
    (And if my inv is full i need to throw or move things away before i can start taking the stuff in the temp window...)

    I have my own clothes and equipment and im fine with that thank you very much. :P

    My Suggestion:
    Add a new option to the rebirth window.
    You can check the box if you want to change gender or reset your age and level (That last one should be separated as well...) so i want to add a new box that says "Keep your current equipment"
    If left unchecked you can strip us and give us your dmn newbie wear, BUT, if the box is checked you leave our equipped gear as they are.

    thank you in advance.

    Alexina Server
  • Necromancer

    I want something that can cast debuffs and curses at the enemies, i want to raise temporarily skeletons for attacks or enchanting my skills, i want a Weapon Mastery for Scythes etc.

    We have died over and over again in Mabinogi, we have rebirthed and treated life as a plaything and death as a joke. Why not just use this as an advantage for a new talent?

    Every time we die we can get a counter that gives us passive buffs or an extra charge for an attack etc, there are multiple possibilities here and i think its time we take the opportunity and try something new like we did with the Chain Talent.
    Challenge a new affinity in the game, challenge death itself!

    Alexina Server
  • Re:ZERO x Mabinogi Sales

    I bought Ram and her skill is a pretty decent support, 1 min cooldown with the following effects (Level 1)
    Ram summons a gust of wind around you.
    HP restored by 300.
    Wounds healed by 30.
    Received the following effect for 30 sec.
    Defense +25
    Protection +8
    MP Recovery Speed +250%
    Stamina Recovery Speed +250%
    Movement Speed +50%

    Anyone know what Rem's special ability does?

    Ram's skill is activated as she is summoned as well, she has a summoning effect. Aint this the first partner with an summoning effect? I think that's a pretty good detail to mention Mabi. :P
    (Pressing "R" will make her give you a lap pillow. <3)
  • Re:ZERO x Mabinogi Sales

    Hm, so the DO have horns eh? I really wish the mabi-team would put up some stats or at least some more info when they do limited sales like this, i still cant really decide if i want Ram or Rem. If they're identical except for their special skills then it would be easier to decide but that info will probably only appear on the wiki after 3-4 weeks or a few months after the event and sale is over. :(
  • Katana reworked

    +1 Support
    I agree, i think they could've done a lot more with the eastern weapons.