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Crap, all of my posts went down the drain with the last update huh? well then, lets start from scratch then! I aint gonna let something of this level stop me from trying again.


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April 23, 1989
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I like fantasy, and im here to live that dream of living in a world filled with wonders i can only think of as a fantasy world.
  • New pets and no stats? OBJECTION!!

    Ancient Desert Guardian Whistle and Ancient Desert Warrior Whistle is out in the shop, probably for a limited time only BUT, here is whats bothering me:

    Available Skills
    Summon Time ??? Minutes
    Life ???
    MP ???
    Stamina ???
    Strength ???
    Intelligence ???
    Dexterity ???
    Will ???
    Luck ???
    Inventory Size ?? x ??

    You know about these stats, it's the details that are always available when browsing for the pet that you want in the webshop!
    These pets aren't free, they cost NX and NX in turn cost real money, i believe that it's just fair that we should know first what these pets are capable of before being offered to just buy them.

    What if they don't have any Inventory space?
    What if they are magic based when you're searching for a melee pet?
    What if they cant learn the necessary skills that you want?
    What if they are just there for decorations and won't help you at all in whatever you're trying to do?
    Do they have an AOE summoning effect that could either help or mess up your plan in the dungeon?

    These are some of many questions that Milletians usually ask themselves when browsing the pet list cause we all want "something" from our pets, be it companionship, a cute partner, a strong fighter or even a supporter. But we don't know anything about these new pets, there is no information AT ALL on these pages and i bet my last remaining gold that the wiki won't be updated in time before these limited pets are gone again.

    Just why won't you guys give us more details of all the new pets that you're offering us? We don't have any info at all and have to either take our chances that it's as good as we expect or risk losing the chance to buy these pets for years before they become available again for purchase...

    I don't like that, i wanna know what im buying with my NX/Real Money and i dont think thats too much to ask for.
  • More Shield-based skills?

    An actual Shield Bash would be good as well, something like a counter-attack but with the shield.
    It is a classic and it's a shame that we don't have as many weapon specialized skills in this game.
  • Partner's Personal Space

    I've never had a partner, so I don't know what is changing. What does the partner inventory look like now?

    It looks just like the one on the picture but with no tabs, the tabs were something i added through paint just to make a visualization of what i wanted them to implement, most of the clothes take up a lot of place and the starvation problem is even worse with the partners compared to normal pets.

    You have a Likeability meter with your partners that will affect them in various ways weather they really like you or.. Hate is a bit strong here but the likeability can have a sharp drop if you accidentally leave them to starve for a longer period of time. :/
  • [Daily SM] More Details Please!

    I usually play solo because of my irregular times and i don't remember all of the Shadow Missions that i can't do alone, i would like to have some extra information added to the quest scrolls about the daily missions.
    If i know the minimum requirements like time and party size i can just choose to give it up there and then instead of running all the way to the quest board and then realize that its impossible to do the mission alone.

    Instead, i would like to see the quests/missions details like in the picture below (edited with paint) to make it easier for me and save myself the troubles of running all over the place in vain, if i know its hopeless then i could do some crafting or run a dungeon instead.

    This is a suggestion to make things easier about the Daily Missions, sometimes i can afford waiting for an hour or so for another player to enter my party or join an already created one but most of the time that's a waste of time and a pain. :/


  • Event Partners?

    I did a similar request about Alyn, it would be a shame to just leave them as mere NPC's and maybe come out every 5 years or so during an event.

    Besides, we have so few partners compared to the pet list, it wouldn't hurt to add some more characters to enjoy our fantasy life. ^^