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Crap, all of my posts went down the drain with the last update huh? well then, lets start from scratch then! I aint gonna let something of this level stop me from trying again.


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  • Organize the Event Quest tab

    You know what? These past weeks has been hell thanks to the disorganized event tab so im gonna bump this suggestion up.
    Im tired of losing track on the events going on, especially when there are 3+ events going on and spamming you with quests al the time. :P
  • Catsidhe Best Life Talent Option?

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Pet Handling (coming later!) is a good choice as well, if you want to play the waiting game. It'll include the new Pet Handling skills as well as Magic Craft, Hillwen Engineering, Shyllien Ecology, and Rare Mineralogy.

    But if it had to be one of these...
    Maybe Carpentry or Smithing.
    Leaning towards carpentry.

    Unfortunately, these 8 are the only available talents for the current Catsidhe pets. BUT, if you put it up for adoption the Life Talent will be reset and the new owner can pick another talent instead. (InGame message before confirming your choice/talent)
  • Homestead Life Skill Update

    Aeolys wrote: »
    I am slightly disappointed that corn/wheat/barley/potato fields are 5 per real-life day rather than 5-and-recharge-over-time like their outside-homestead counterparts. Essentially making them as useful as a homestead sheep, cow and chicken; ie: not at all that useful.

    Unless you get a homestead full of nothing but wheat, lolol.

    It's still kind of useless, though, unless there's some new feature that enables us to turn it into flour like the Tir mill. Otherwise, raw wheat.... Do the new recipes call for raw wheat?

    I'm just placing fields in my homestead for
    1. Emergency supplies
    2. Aesthetic value
    3. Finish training harvesting and hoeing.

    Having fields in homestead can lower the time you have to go back and forth from the fields and the mill which is annoying when you fail milling.

    Has anyone tried if you get beans from homestead potato fields?

    Beans? You can get beans from a potato field?

    You can get potatoes and Big Potatoes from the HS Potato Field but ive no idea how to get beans from them. ^^"
  • Nerf or buff

    chain impale(850%) 4.5 second stun (unessassaryly huge)
    Smash with (720%) Knocks the target back
    No wonder no one who uses it complains, it straight up spits on any ability that came before it in damage.
    this stuff is even reccamended for new players for how stupidly broken it is in comparison.
    not even taking into acount the rapid spammability.

    Im getting a little tired of you avoiding all the other benefits of Smash just to force your opinion about the chain skills here, here is a small and quick list of what smash can do:

    [1] Smash can bypass the Defense skill.

    [2] Starting at Rank 5 Smash will get a splash damage effect and can attack multiple targets instead of just 1.

    [3] Smash has a chance to inflict a debuff

    [4] Smash can inflict Bleed, dealing damage over time (Sword-type equipped)
    - (Health reduction effect stacks with other damage over time effects such as Poison Attack or Mirage Missile, ignores defensive stats, Passive Defense, Invulnerability, and Mana Shield damage reduction during damage calculation, and can lower a target's HP past 0 and can kill while also ignoring Deadly status.)

    [5] Smash can inflict Daze, preventing the opponent from using Magic and Alchemy Skills.
    - (This can be applied on players, unlike Somersault Kick.)

    [6] Smash can decrease the opponent's Defense and Protection.
    - (The debuff may also apply to any enemy hit by the skill's splash.)
    - (The debuff's duration can be refreshed and reapplied.)

    [7] Smash can be used anytime with any equipment except when the Atlatl, Bow, Crossbow, or Dual Gun are equipped.

    [8] When Smash is at Rank 9 the quest for Bash is unlocked, yet another skill that can be used nearly anytime you want.

    I think its about time that you stop complain about the difference in pure attack power and only mention the stun effects of the impale skill while ignoring everything that the Smash skill can do. Its called a balance for a reason, if Smash were even stronger then of course it wouldn't work out.

    Please do your research before trying to ruin the fun for us chain users, our skills are locked to the chain only while smash can be used with nearly anything in the game, and of course, our amount of Dorcha limits the skills as well. It's a lot trickier that one thinks to save the right amount of Dorcha in battle and many times we might not even have time to collect more.

    If unlucky, a single proper combo at the right time can render a chain user helpless in a 1-on-1, out on the field we can be attacked by multiple monsters and lose the fight that way as well.

    + A lot of the chain skills are locked behind various quests and RNG hunts making the Chain Talent one of the more dificult talents to master while Smash & CO are for free.

    Smash and the Combat skills overall is one of the oldest and most versatile skill set in the game, if they were all more powerful in pure stats excluding all the extra goodies they've been given over the years then no one would want to try out any other talents.

    But that's just my thoughts on the matter, either read up on the skills more properly before you start another argument again or just back off if you don't know what you're talking about. I don't think you're a troll here and i don't think you're here to start a fight, but i also don't think that you know how dmn powerful that smash is to begin with.

    Sure, the chain might be better in the short term but smash can be used in any situation at any time. And as mentioned it has a lot of different damage multipliers that no other skill has.

    You can google for the more accurate table or even visit the Wiki and read up on some of the more well known facts if you wanna continue your arguments.

    Good Luck.
  • HS Dungeon

    How about adding a Homestead Dungeon to the Building Tab in the Construction list (Building)?

    This HS Dungeon (Lv1) will be unlocked at Homestead level 15, upgrades will be available up to Lv3 with higher difficulty and better rewards. In order to enter the HS Dungeon you need to offer an item and x Homestead stones, example:

    How to enter the HS Dungeon's different difficulties:
    HS Dungeon Lv1 (Unlocks the Normal difficulty)
    Entrance fee: Item + 3 Homestead Stones
    HS Dungeon Lv2 (Unlocks the Advanced difficulty)
    Entrance fee: Item + 5 Homestead Stones
    HS Dungeon Lv3 (Unlocks the Hard difficulty)
    Entrance fee: Item + 10 Homestead Stones

    Due to the size of the interior of the dungeon a lot of items will be required for its construction, on your Homestead there will be a big stone gate inside a cliff (2x6) sticking out of the ground. Inside there will be the goddess statue, an item chest next to the entrance and the area/square where you need to be in order to enter the dungeon will be in front of the goddess as usual.

    That chest is where you can store the items you need to upgrade your HS Dungeon, (Warning, once an item is put inside you can't remove it again) so you won't have to carry everything in your inventory.
    Once the Homestead Stones and the items have been deposit in the chest the upgrade option will be available and your dungeon can level up to the next stage, the chest will be cleared during the upgrade so any extra items will disappear, once you reach Lv3 the items inserted will be used to enter the dungeon along with the amount of Homestead Stones you decided on.

    This is meant to be a sort of EndGame idea where the players who have already maxed out their Homesteads and decorated them to their heart's content can get some extra materials and/or items for their Homestead, the rewards from the last chest could include exclusive HS items and decorations for the owner to use in their HS or items needed for various upgrades.

    Another idea is to have the dungeon drop exclusive items not found anywhere else and have new props in the Homestead Construction List that need those specific items in order to be built, the possibilities are endless and i myself think its such a shame that we don't use this opportunity and expand the Homestead possibilities.

    HS Dungeon Lv1
    300 Homestead Stones.

    Additional materials needed for creation with Homestead Stones.
      Firewood × 20
      Building Stone × 30
      Large Nail × 15
      Wood Board × 10
      Base Herb Patch × 5
      Bloody Herb Patch × 8

    HS Dungeon Lv2:
    400 Homestead Stones.

    Additional materials needed for creation with Homestead Stones.
      Average Firewood × 20
      Building Stone × 40
      Copper Plate × 10
      Large Nail × 25
      Wood Board × 13
      Base Herb × 15
      Mana Herb Patch × 8
      Sunshine Herb Patch × 8
      Fine Leather x 10
      Silk Thread x 10

    HS Dungeon Lv3:
    500 Homestead Stones.

    Additional materials needed for creation with Homestead Stones.
      Finest Firewood × 15
      Building Stone × 50
      Iron Plate × 10
      Large Nail × 40
      Wood Board × 15
      Base Herb × 40
      Bloody Herb x 20
      Mana Herb × 20
      Sunshine Herb × 20
      Golden Herb Patch × 10
      Finest Leather x 20
      Though Thread x 20
      Flint × 5
      Falias Fragment x 5
      Cheap Leather Strap × 10

    All the items are available for any player and there are no items locked inside of an event either, some of the items can be tricky to get but at this late in the game i think its a decent challenge for the Players that value their homestead.
    (Also, I'm getting really tired of all these Event-only items. I want something more permanently to the game instead of hoping that one old event comes back so i can get the items i need/want...)

    All of this is optional of course but i still think its a good enough suggestion that i want to give it a shot, anyone have any suggestions or options they wanna add? Feel free to comment below!

    Alexina Server