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  • Spirit weapons revamp, PLEASE!

    Well Magic attack stats on weapons is something that did not exist when this item was first made. I'ld like to see that included in the revamp of this feature. I'd like to see a damage buff in the power of spirit weapon awakening because Judgement blade out classes it is so many ways. Heck If there was a quest line that was repeatable to get a spirit weapon repair vessel once harded to make items became spirit weapons I would be all for that. The NX cash item that gives your spirit weapon a blessing is SUCH a joke because there is no other way to bless the weapon if you get ko'd. So what it needs is
    1. New Weapons choices
    2. New weapon Type choices
    3. Revamped Awakening Damage Tables per rank
    4. Magic Damage for Wands Instead
    5. An second way to get spirit weapon blessings (that doesn't fix the item) that you can make or quest for in game
    6. Revamped Damage/stats Charts for Spirit Weapons.
    7. A reduced spirit weapon awakening cool down.
    8. A means to make gem powder in game with normal gems to get better items to give it.
    9. A Buff or rebalance to how exp is gain based on the item resale value
    10. A way to make a spirit weapon repair vessel in game for spirit weapons that would be hard to acquire or craft in normal ways.
    11. Maybe a quest line/story line that provides a buff to Spirit weapons or adds and extra power.
    12. Allow for ways to add extra powers to a spirit weapon with a rune system sort that works some what like echo stones but for spirit weapons.

    And based on how spirit weapon awakening works..... I had a Random Thought. Do you guys think that spirit weapons feed off Dorcha to increase the awakening gauge.... because it would make so much sense because of the methods used to charge it.
  • InstallGuide and StartGameGuide, STILL OUT OF DATE

    I am VERY surprised that Nexon Still has yet to Update thees Pages For the current nexon launcher and downloading system. it Honestly needs to be re done for new players who have no idea how install the game.

    When is this going to be updated! It Is SO OUT OF DATE! I think a new page with screen shots should be made to replace these current versions of the website.....

    Totally Professional! That's Nexon Quality!?
  • Elite Shadow Mission Auto Victory Copoun and Avon?

    I saw thesse two item in a shop..... What exactly does this do? the Descriptions is a bit confusing.

    Elite Shadow Mission Auto Victory Copoun and Avon
    "If you have an elite Pass for Tara or Tailteann, you can use this Mission AutoVictory Coupon to Complete the elite mission Immediately and receive 100% of the EXP and Gold that the elite mission grants to anyone else who completes it. (Crstal applied)

    Theatre Mission AutoVictory Coupon
    If you have an Avon Theatre Mission pass, you can use a Mission AutoVictory Coupon to complete the theatre mission immediately and receive 100% the EXP and gold that the Theatre mission grants to anyone else who completes it. (Crystal applied)

    Does the avon count the Grand Master missions for hard for completing it?

    Does the Elite Shadow Mission Auto Victory Copoun and Avon complete it for everyone in the party?

    Does this stack with Daily Quest effects?

    Does this complete the daily quest if you have it?

    How exactly does this work.....
  • Flat Erinn

    So does this mean there is a Flat Erinn society? Where can I sign up :D
  • PSA: Don't be afraid of spending attendance points

    are you sure? the button for the pet says you need to save 400 points.