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  • Let elves duel wield/use 2h weapons

    Honestly, with Arcana talents being a thing that could cause problems here, Elves really need access to Lance. Just make a lance set that allow elves to use them that are not as strong. Then Give gaints access to just crossbows. This would fix this problem while still keeping the races uqinue traits. Elves do have access to two handed axes, so if we just have more two handed axes that are not race locked it would be fine.
  • Yes Avelin I know the way. G21 Spoiler?


    All I have to Say about G21 right now.....
  • Potion Making out of date and Chain Blade

    Negumiko wrote: »
    leveling the potion lore skill can help reduce poisoning. the effects after using respite also prevent you from using any skills unless you want to lose a lot of health which is why I avoid using it. at this point it is more effective to use inspiration for mp recovery, enduring melody for stamina, and nimbus heals for hp and stamina. so yes I fully support updating the potion system somehow and it would be great if we could plant more kinds of herbs in our homesteads. a few players say releasing more herbs make them to easy to get however we will still have to gather around 30 herbs per patch patch and make room for them in homesteads. by this point mostly event potions and full recovery potions are getting used and there is almost no reason to craft potions so it doesn't really matter if we get a few extra herbs in homesteads. my herb garden is fairly big and I only harvest them to complete my daily gathering quest most of the time.

    Even with rank one Potion Lore, the bonus's are not very effective and there are a LOT more monsters that can deal out a lot more damage then ever before that are now out side of raids. The fact that potion lore is a random effect of such a low percent just makes the bonus recovery point less.
    TNinja wrote: »
    SE potions ruined everything

    I'd have to agree on that because he lies the issue. SE potions tend to be a lot more potent and honestly Pot Poisoning isn't really necessary to balance end game bosses when they have a lot of moves that Automatically knock you out anyways. As Far as I know as well there isnt' a reforge that increase potion effectiveness.... though honestly this effect would be VERY RARE and Impractical
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Liyeta wrote: »
    Ask your friend that spam festia everyday for four leaf clover, they usually have tens of them unless thrown away.

    Shield of thrust recovery and nimbus is usually good enough for me.

    If you are doing dragon raid, those spit out se pots from time to time.

    Idea to counter pot poisoning ?
    They should have made portable hot spring instead of portable repairing altar.
    Would be cool if it have "work better if equipment is removed" effect.

    Well, it doesn't get rid of it completely, but the Poisonous Mushroom Stew reduces your potion poisoning.

    Poisonous Mushroom Stew Only Remove Toxicity Levels but not Stat nerfs in combat. So it's not that Viable of a solution to downing half a stack of Stam/hp/mp pots to get back to 1K hp when that is outside of trans.
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    With a big enough HP/MP/SP pool, it's eventually LESS Toxic to use Full Recovery Potions for general-purpose recovery.

    Wanna talk about something being out of date, talk about the terribad HP/SP recovery of the Respite skill.
    Hoo boy.

    I do agree that Four-Leaf Clovers are incredibly inaccessible, so much so that making your own 300pt potions for the purpose of recovery, is very unrealistic.
    Not to mention how toxic such potions are.
    Can enter potion poisoning after just 6 or 7 of them.

    The best are, of course, SE Potions.
    They can even get as big as 1000, with their recovery effects.
    But those aren't craftable!

    I wouldn't Mind It if Four leaf clovers were more common. I mean THIS IS A IRISH BASED GAME! So Why in the world are clovers so rare when they are not in the real world setting it is based on oi.....

    I End up spamming party heal instead of pots to heal myself a lot of times but Healing is not as effective a it used to be..... I know a easy way to fix that would make a Healing Magic mastery that increase all base healing effects and maybe.... reduces mp cost on party healing as it's ranked. Like I wouldn't Mind this at all I would be okay with that even if it took a long time to train!

    Earlier There was a comment about Respite And yes Repsite needs rebalanced as well.. However... I FIND REST TO BE COMPLETELY USELESS! Higher ranks of rest was suppose to help wounds at a campfire but one They are still both Capped and two the current ranks of this REALLY need re balanced as well. Like I am talking about some of the Older Skills in the game that Honestly shouldn't be capped any more. This include meditation, First Aid, Rest, And rebelance of potion making. And don't get me started on why mana shield is still capped for no good reason. >.>

    And for the record I have Rank 1 potion lore and it's not enough.