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  • Are there still active players here?

    Mind you the merge was in June. The game was very active, for months I'd say, rather than weeks. Even the activity now is a significant step up from pre-merge, but the game always wanes in the fall season.
  • hardest part of g23 is basically RNG

    Donk3y wrote: »
    I don't get why everybody's complaining.

    I'm starting to hate this culture of instant gratification, thinking that you should be able to finish a generation in 6 hours...

    Remember the days of G1,2,3? Yeah, those literally took weeks to do, and nobody complained. Even if you have the worst RNG, you're going to finish g23 faster than g1 at it's time. Heck, if somebody from g1 times could time travel to our time, they would laugh at how pathetically easy and fast these new generations are...

    I complained. Everyone I brought up their opinion on it directly to, complained. Those gens were pretty bad and got nerfed for a reason. Asinine, and tedious the lot of them.
    But I would actually rather them to the immense stalling that this gen uses to keep itself present. This is an entire game with a hell of a lot of content, for the task of choice being to go punch buffalo for two hours. It's not that the gen isn't over instantly, and I think if you used any intellectual honesty you would admit that. The methods they use are extreme, boring and frustrating by design (buffalo) heavily reliant on rng, and genuinely feel like a sleight from the developers. It's not like this was inevitable, it could have been made better or some other way. One could suck it up and have an awful time doing the gen, but at the same time, don't expect no one to have something to say about the devs who put them through it in the first place.
  • [FWD]Wind Guard Unintentionally Reverted

    Would be dandy if this could be acknowledged/forwarded... It really makes life awful for players who take combat seriously.
  • All Instances Need a Reconnect Feature

    Pan wrote: »
    I was shafted too at one point, but I at least made an effort to not get shafted anymore. You can do the same. Anything is not impossible.

    Or, (And this is wild I know) they can add the reconnect function to more than just the traditional dungeons.
  • Final Strike Reforges?

    hammerhand wrote: »
    Hello All.
    Is Final strike protect the dragon egg a solo Mission?

    No, you do the Renes Egg minigame as usual (1-8 ppl I think) and you have a *chance* of getting the reward in addtion to the Legatus' Gift once you leave. I don't know if you have to do one full round (after the balrogs) but thats what my parties did to be sure.