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  • Two Sentence Horror Story: Mabinogi Edition

    Eager to begin an "easy late-night Alban Training Grounds" to which I was invited, I watch incredulously as the people who will eerily disappear into the void throughout our mission choose to slot Heroic, 500% monster damage, 500% monster HP, and Unlimited trainees for SS grade bonuses.

    Alone, I face the dawn of the next morn, to open a golden-hued chest to find: a trinity staff.

    ~Paxseko, Nao
  • Tarlach Fair? Event cooperation!

    Thanks! I'm happy to work with everyone to make 2018 a great year for the Tarlach community!

    EDIT: After talking a bit to some other guild leaders, we're looking at making our Tentative date for the Tarlach Fair Mini Sunday, August 19th or Tuesday August 21st, with the 20th being the preferred date so far. Please, if you are a guild leader and would like to have your guild participate, contact me here or on discord. I'm on the unofficial official server, or you can add Paxseko#5303
    I'd love for @Shakaya or any members of Capulet to contact me, as well.
    Thank you!
  • Tarlach Fair? Event cooperation!

    Hello all!

    I'm happy to see Tarlach's spirit continues to be one of community in that Ornac, Pikachus, Vixxen, and others are contributing to community events; however, I'd like to see if we can't pull off our hallmark all together again: the Tarlach fair.
    Not sure how Shakaya is doing/feeling about the fair, but I feel if we made it guild bound it'd fare (fair? xD) a lot better (with each guild sponsoring an event and Capulet providing communication ease). Now that Discord is a pretty common medium for communication, the organization should be much easier.

    During the last mention of the Tarlach fair in 2017, I was inactive due to personal reasons. My guild and I (Lethaldrive) used to help run the obstacle course. 2016 was a difficult year for the fair, I felt, and I wasn't surprised that 2017 didn't work out. However, I'm having issues getting info about helping with 2018's fair or if we're having one.

    What's the state of the fair and what can we do to make it happen this year?
  • Mystic Celtic Box

    See all that filler at the bottom of the list? That's what you'll actually get. Enjoy your gathering knife burns and 15k dye amps.
  • Anyone gotten a black bag yet?

    No one I know got the bag. So collectively we (meaning my guildies and I) opened nearly 20k traps... and no one got it. :^)
    [Deleted User]