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  • A free item every hour!*

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    WolfandWolfWolfsingerRadiant DawnYuoichiImaizumi
  • Neat we can see the droprates now.

    Veylaine wrote: »
    Ofelia wrote: »
    I never could get what all the fuss is about. It's a "free to play" game that does not block content behind paywalls. You're playing the game for "free" and if a person wants to flush 600 dollars down the drain for some in game bling let them.

    I know, this also numerical explained why in the past I'd get so many elite passes or trans medals in the past (always had a feeling why but its cool to see it in official percentages), its just fascinating seeing the actual data for me at least. I really don't care if someone spends *tons* of money on the game, just looking at the drop rates is interesting.

    Though I can see some people using this as a way to bash gachas.

    Ever have those times where if you open a gash to fast it feels like it's repeating itself ?
    like if you spam key the ctrl + left mouse button and it goes something like this < 1000hp RE , 1000hp RE , 1000hp RE > pause.... dumbfounded look ...changes channel and moves to another spot pauses... right click open < camping glove blue, camping glove green, pass, camping boot (m) > and the person next to you opens one box and screams super fantastico ! flaunting ultra rare armor ......sourface

    pfft ill show that box !
    buys 200 moar!
    and you end up with 180 potions/passes/junk items you dont need/want
    VeylaineRadiant Dawnpawcalypse
  • Black bag

    Ofelia wrote: »
    Title < SAO Nishida > Increases automatic fishing success
    Rod < W22 > reforge automatic fishing L2
    R1 Fish

    Would a fishing chair stack with those things?

    fishing potions, chairs, and titles I still only notice a 10% increase on items

    These accursed gacha jars.

    I totally agree ….

  • Black bag

    Don't think I've forgotten.

    Ill plug the numbers in later but its not looking good.

    Title < SAO Nishida > Increases automatic fishing success
    Rod < W22 > reforge automatic fishing L2
    R1 Fish

    4000 Bait
    2824 Jars

    Drawstring Pouch x 0
    Black Bag (10X17) Coupon x 0

    Glass x 315
    Misc. Fish x 861

    Autumn Wig (M) x 3
    Autumn Wig (F) x 2

    Diamond x 6
    Topaz x 3
    Star Sapphire x 9
    Emerald x 3
    Aquamarine x 8
    Garnet x 10
    Jasper x 12
    Ruby x 8
    Spinel x 7

    Homestead Stone x 482
    Homestead Eggplant Seed x 68
    Homestead Strawberry Seed x 59
    Homestead Pumpkin Seed x 48
    Homestead Cabbage Seed x 49
    Homestead Tomato Seed x 61
    Homestead Poinsettia Seed x 59
    Homestead Chamomile Seed x 61
    Homestead Rose Hip Seed x 72

    Special High Speed Gathering Potion (Event) (30 Days) x 21
    Movement Speed 40% Increase Potion (Event) (30 Days) x 26
    HP Buff Potion (Event) (30 Days) x 19
    MP Buff Potion (Event) (30 Days) x 22
    Stamina Buff Potion (Event) (30 Days) x 28
    Protection/DEF Buff Potion (Event) (30 Days) x 29
    Special Tendering Potion (Event) (30 Days) x 21
    Special Tendering Potion S (Event) (30 Days) x 28
    Production Failure Potion (Event) (30 Days) x 33
    Potion of Proficiency (Event) (30 Days) x 19
    HP 50 Potion x 14
    HP 100 Potion x 16
    HP 300 Potion x 18
    MP 50 Potion x 19
    MP 100 Potion x 12
    MP 300 Potion x 8
    Stamina 50 Potion x 10
    Stamina 100 Potion x 9
    Stamina 300 Potion x15
    HP & MP 50 Potion x 9
    HP & MP 100 Potion x 12
    HP & MP 300 Potion x 4
    HP & Stamina 30 Potion x 12
    HP & Stamina 50 Potion x 12
    HP & Stamina 100 Potion x 19
    HP & Stamina 300 Potion x 17
    HP 300 Potion SE x 14
    MP 300 Potion SE x 10
    Stamina 300 Potion SE x 12
    Wound Remedy 300 Potion SE x 15

    Party Phoenix Feather (Event) (30 Days) x 21
    Advanced Phoenix Feather x 49
    Special Arrow Bundle (500 arrows) x 63
    Special Bolt Bundle (500 bolts) x 78
    Regular Gem Powder x 109
    Fine Gem Powder x 48
    Equipment Appearance Recovery Scroll x 28
    Cheap Silk x 68
    Common Silk x 91
    Fine Silk x 83
    Finest Silk x 48
    Cheap Fabric x 93
    Common Fabric x 26
    Fine Fabric x 34
    Finest Fabric x 31
    Cheap Leather x 21
    Common Leather x 22
    Fine Leather x 38
    Finest Leather x 14
    Cheap Leather Strap x 38
    Common Leather Strap x 29
    Fine Leather Strap x 28
    Finest Leather Strap x 24
    Iron Ingot x 68
    Copper Ingot x 48
    Silver Ingot x 56
    Gold Ingot x 42
    Mythril Ingot x 42
  • Black bag

    It's simple math.

    We count the items from the jar.
    80 items are listed on the main page (correct me if I'm wrong)

    1 - ( ( 1 - x ) ^ y )

    X being the number of items.
    Y the number you open.

    Or simple

    (1/80)^1= 0.01