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  • Mabinogi Streams!

    It might be interesting to see you play some of the generations and gain insight into your perspective on the game as both a newbie and our community manager. I could imagine some funny moments when you encounter things for the first time and players watching giving you advice on how to tackle it. It would give veterans a chance to reminiscence and newbies a chance to see that they aren't alone in their struggles ^^.
  • Mabinogi Direct Launch Ending March 16th

    I've always used Direct Launch because the Nexon Launcher never worked for me - NEVER. I wouldn't say my computer is a top of the line gaming machine but it's certainly more than capable of running most games. It had Win 7 on it previously and I reformatted it with a new copy of Win 10 last summer. It's also never worked on my laptop which was originally Win 8 and upgraded to Win 10. I've spoke with others on Discord and Skype and also from what's apparent in this thread others are in the same boat. So I think it can be safely assumed that there are outstanding and significant issues with the Nexon Launcher for some of your player-base. I also don't understand the need to get rid of the Direct Launcher.

    So then:
    1. Why get rid of the Direct Launcher at all?
    2. Are you doing anything to ensure the Nexon Launcher will work properly for all users by the time you take away Direct Launch?
    3. Finally, with an already dwindling player-base, is implementing something that could prevent some of your active players from playing really a wise decision?

    For me, it would just mean I wouldn't be able to play and would result in officially saying good-bye to a game I've played since G2 as I don't see the need to fight with a broken launcher for a game I've finished ranking skills and running content on. So, it would suck but I wouldn't be completely heartbroken. However, I really hope there's an official response of some kind soon on the issue because there are people who are obviously nervous/upset about this and for them quitting isn't something they want to do. Nexon shouldn't ignore that - those are dedicated players expressing concern. Players they could end up losing.
  • Best channel?

    Channel 7 is usually the busiest but whether people are actually playing or just afk to have their shop open is another story altogether. That being said I know a lot of people who actively play on that channel only :)!
  • Rebirth Potions not expiring on the 28th

    Correct me if I'm wrong or if someone mentioned this already but without the mission point event the rebirth potion event wouldn't have even happened right? So common sense would dictate that those potions were to be used during that event. Seems like you're just salty because it didn't work out the way you wanted - but honestly that wasn't the way it was intended anyway. I don't think anyone should've planned for it to happen that way and I therefore don't believe there should be compensation for that reason alone.
  • Is having multiple accounts/mules actually allowed

    Just for a point of reference. When someone mentions a mule that's not necessarily to mean they are speaking of another account, it could be another character on their account. For example I have several characters I don't use for anything except storage on my account - thus a "mule".

    That being said there is nothing currently in the ToS specifically referencing multiple accounts and so long as the information used to create said accounts is accurate and true (ie: your name, birthdate, etc) multiple accounts aren't against the ToS. Using modifications that allow you to run multiple clients, however, is. Although use of another computer is not. That could change at any time if Nexon chooses to change their ToS, as it used to actually have a section referencing multiple accounts.

    In the past there was issues with people creating multiple accounts to abuse an event and as a result the event in question was removed early. This hurt a lot of other players who weren't abusing it. A lot of events that can be abused this way have now been changed to help prevent that (Ie: level restrictions, longer requirements to complete, etc). So I guess it's safe to say it's frowned upon but not strictly enforced unless it becomes a major problem.