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  • Is having multiple accounts/mules actually allowed

    Just for a point of reference. When someone mentions a mule that's not necessarily to mean they are speaking of another account, it could be another character on their account. For example I have several characters I don't use for anything except storage on my account - thus a "mule".

    That being said there is nothing currently in the ToS specifically referencing multiple accounts and so long as the information used to create said accounts is accurate and true (ie: your name, birthdate, etc) multiple accounts aren't against the ToS. Using modifications that allow you to run multiple clients, however, is. Although use of another computer is not. That could change at any time if Nexon chooses to change their ToS, as it used to actually have a section referencing multiple accounts.

    In the past there was issues with people creating multiple accounts to abuse an event and as a result the event in question was removed early. This hurt a lot of other players who weren't abusing it. A lot of events that can be abused this way have now been changed to help prevent that (Ie: level restrictions, longer requirements to complete, etc). So I guess it's safe to say it's frowned upon but not strictly enforced unless it becomes a major problem.