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Katherz made Blankeye x Altam canon 05/03/2018


Last Active
April 8, 1995
Twitter Name
Personal Quote
Yes I divorced Altam sorry I have settled with Llywelyn.
About Me
Hello I am Blankeye of Erinn I am a Mabi fanartist and I am also an active member of the Mabi KR community! I'm also 100% married to Llywelyn. Yep. If you ever need any Korean Mabinogi information translated, please feel free to @ me! And if you'd like to see my art, you can go to my twitter above!! 마비노기 하자!
  • CLOSED [Art Store/PP] Robokyano/Pixelationer

    I'd love to grab a commission spot if possible! My discord is Cinnamon Rollo#2787!
  • Fashionogi Summer 2020

    Despite my Milletian's sleepy demeanor, she loves doing fun summer activities!
    Riding the waves, or riding the cliffs, a board for every terrain!
    And of course, summer is best spent with friends! Having fun with your pet at the beach is a lovely pastime too!

    IGN: Blankeye
    Server: Nao
  • Pet Paradise Homestead Design Contest

    Hello hello! Welcome to Blankeye's comfy Homestead paradise! Feat: Many fun fuzzy friends!!

    Autumn is the purrfect time of year for cats, the tempurrature is not too hot or too cold! Of course, the kitties don't want to be all alone, so a tree house for the human next to the cat house makes quality time for both easy and fun!

    Do ya like farms? Well, they can be a little smelly, so we have flowers growing there of course~ Chickens, horses, cows and sheep are farm staples! It's nice to see them all together in harmony~

    Here's the pretty koi pond! A good place for a tired dragon to relax and enjoy the cherry blossoms! (Don't worry, he doesn't eat the fish, he's on a Wing Eared Rabbit only diet at the moment.)

    This brings us to the garden... Where little animals rest next to the sweet smell of flowers. (Wait a sec, Llywelyn is bent on photobombing my screenshots apparently... Well, he likes the flowers too.)


    At last... We reach the magic forest... Where woodland creatures come to play! Hmm it looks like this forest might be haunted! Is that a ghost I spot over there~?

    Sorry for my dumb puns, but I'm glad to show you my little comfy paradise! If you're on Nao server, feel free to drop by! ^ ^)9

    IGN: Blankeye
    Server: Nao
  • Weekly Loc Discussion: Title Revamp!

    I mean the Talvish title is also "Who is together with Talvish" in KR as well so if you do one you should also do the other. (the other 3 G20 titles remained relatively the same other than Avelin which was "who is Avelin's Colleague"

    But yes I think it is always important to stay more or less faithful to the original Korean translation and
  • MBNG MAD-Llywelyn who listens to everything I say

    Not a commission or freebie thread... Just a thing I made because... I love these two... and their dynamic ㅠㅠ so I did this meme... and here it is.
    Cause there's not enough Mabi Meme content in this world that is what I now strive to create.
    The vid is subbed in Korean but you can turn on the CC for ENG subs. ^ ^)/
    Thank you for watching!

    And here is the original~