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Katherz made Blankeye x Altam canon 05/03/2018


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April 8, 1995
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Yes I divorced Altam sorry I have settled with Llywelyn.
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Hello I am Blankeye of Erinn I am a Mabi fanartist and I am also an active member of the Mabi KR community! I'm also 100% married to Llywelyn. Yep. If you ever need any Korean Mabinogi information translated, please feel free to @ me! And if you'd like to see my art, you can go to my twitter above!! 마비노기 하자!
  • Merlin, Please.

    Petition to give Treasure Hunter a darn name >.>

    I want Treasure Hunter's real name to just be 'Hunter'. It would be priceless.
  • [DAY 4]Mabi AX 2018 + AX Code Giveaway Prizes(2)~!

    Rhey wrote: »

    Last but not least...there was no merchandise for sale. :(

    Mabi NA is missing out on the absolute brilliance that is the Korean Mabinogi conventions.

  • Mabinogi JP G21 PV

    JP was late to the game with their G21 updates (second last global server to get G21) but they made up for it with this really cool PV!! Kudos to them!
    Some really interesting and beautiful visuals... Some (grunting) voice acting... All around a pretty neat PV despite us already having G21 out several weeks now... that ending seems to have some foreshadowing to things in part 2, I wonder?

    Interestingly enough, the Mabi JP Twitter also gave out the list of VAs they used for the 4 knights that were voiced! If you're curious like me and want to try hearing these VAs as their voices like I was haha.

    Altam - Shun'ichi Toki
    Caswyn - Shin'ichirō Kamio
    Talvish/Narrator - Yohei Azakami
    Avelin - Yuki Nagaku
  • Thoughts On G21? (Content And Story)

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    I can dislike a character because I think the way his traits and plot are used feel like bait to a certain demographic. I don't think the fans are like that and I apologize if anything I've said has come across that way. I just think Altam is off-putting because it feels like that's the intention of his personality, since his story is lacking depth imo. It's awkward trying to like a character if the story tells me how to feel about them constantly. I'd like to make my own opinion and have the story support that ideal. Any dialogue that was tough love for Altam didn't progress the story. Not until the slap. I had to treat him like a best friend even if I was put off by how strong he was clinging onto me. The more the story tells me why I'm supposed to care, the less I want to because it feels like they couldn't think of an event or dialogue to write to make me feel this on my own. I think I would've liked him a lot more if I could've told him to calm down with looking up to my character and using me as inspiration. Especially since he seemed to jump from character to character with that outlook throughout G19. First it was the Millitain, then it was Talvish, then it was Pihne, now it's the Elder(though I can understand the Elder preceding over everyone). It made the excitement he felt over the Millitain not feel as genuine when every other character in the story was just as amazing, which made interacting with him feel forced. You can see how far the rabbit hole goes from there.
    Besides, wouldn't you say feeling like a character relies on a trope or a certain outlook on them in order to like them is inherently bad? Obviously you can't please everyone. But the idea still stands that a character that feels like there's no depth beyond "why I'm supposed to like them"(you can use sad backstories to make me feel bad for not liking them too, which adds to the distaste) makes them feel flat. It's nothing to do with the fans, just how the character is perceived. That's why, to me at least, he comes across as one of the types of characters that are clearly meant only to please.

    I'm sorry if you took offense to any of that. I never meant the text to be about you or the fans of him in general. Just my outlook on his character(or rather, lack of imo).

    I think your thoughts on your dislike for Altam are incredibly well-articulated and completely reasonable and understandable. If you aren't keen on a character but the story is forcing the 'you' of the story to coddle said character and reinforce their bad habits, that is definitely going to leave a bad taste in your mouth. I'm pretty sure Altam's character was doomed to be completely polarizing due to the narrative of the story, since if you really like him up front, the fact your character is fond of him too will help reinforce that like you have for him, while if you don't like his type of character, the fact that your character is written to like him will only further your annoyance to him. It's really disappointing that we can't shape our own character's opinion as much. This gen we have a few more opportunities but the past two gens have been pretty clear-cut Altam coddling. I like Altam's character for a lot of reasons, but I think that has a lot to do with my personal taste in characters, since I've always liked the happy-go-lucky, megadere types like him, and the fact he's like the first person to actually recognize and appreciate the Milletian for all the stuff they've done instantly resonated with me. I thought, "Hey! I actually really inspired someone! He wants be be a hero because of me! I want to cheer him on too!" If Altam's character was written in order to be likeable, which I'm entirely certain it was, it worked on me, and a bunch of others, and that's totally fine I think, if it worked so well, it means it was executed well. But obviously it won't work on everyone. Especially people who can see through that method of writing. And that's why Altam's character is completely polarizing.
    I've just heard far too many times comments along the lines of "the only reason people like Altam is because of his looks/he's cute/he's there to satisfy fangirls/etc" and that's completely wrong. Generalizing all fans of a character is unfair. Everyone has their own reason for liking him. Hell I bet there ARE a bunch of Altam fans who like him for those reasons, but to throw everyone into the same camp and make it seem like they're all just "Altam obsessed sheep" is really rude. That's my two cents.
    Thank you for being very mature and reasonable in your reply. I think you bring up a lot of great points. c:
  • Alltur and Altam ???

    As a KR server community member, I have a legit answer to this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ if it matters.
    Yes, Alltur/알터 is KR's name for Altam.
    JP calls him Altur with one L so it's hard to say which is the proper spelling, but a lot argue it is Altur since he HAS also been called that in KR (its pretty inconsistent). Anyway, if you want to know if they're the same person, the answer is yes and no. The NA version of Altam toned down his personality (if you can believe that). In fact, a lot of the knights had their personalities altered slightly for NA localization. So in reality they're kinda slightly different in terms of personality. I guess you could say Alltur is like Altam on 10 Redbull drinks. But I mean yeah they're technically the same character.