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Katherz made Blankeye x Altam canon 05/03/2018


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April 8, 1995
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Yes I divorced Altam sorry I have settled with Llywelyn.
About Me
Hello I am Blankeye of Erinn I am a Mabi fanartist and I am also an active member of the Mabi KR community! I'm also 100% married to Llywelyn. Yep. If you ever need any Korean Mabinogi information translated, please feel free to @ me! And if you'd like to see my art, you can go to my twitter above!! 마비노기 하자!
  • Recap the stream 4 me plox?

    ShouK wrote: »
    Did Net-juu no Susume collab happened in KR Mabinogi or is it JP and NA exclusive only? I'm trying to find the new outfit/wig in the korean character simulator to see whether it's worth buying, but I can't find the outfit in hangul.

    KR hasn't gotten it yet and they're pretty bummed about it too (。•́︿•̀。)
    They're really surprised that NA got it first, and think there may be some troubles getting the rights for it over there. Hopefully they also get it soon!
    I'm pretty sure CH and TW don't have it either since my friend on the CH server hasn't mentioned it coming there at all.
    Well, it sure isn't every day that NA gets content that KR doesn't. Savor it, I guess.
  • Blanket's Cozy Commissions (ROUND DOS) Ruairi+PP

    Finished commission for Kakuzen, thank you.
    To everyone else in my slot list, sorry for the delay. My cat recently got diagnosed with cancer so it's been an ordeal to say the least. I haven't had the time much less the motivation to draw because of this, but I hope to get things rolling on here again soon!

    Leafpetal and Yueichii, your pieces should be finished within the week.
    Rii and Aava please expect a WIP sometime next week.
    Thank you again for your patience! It really means a lot during these rough times.
  • Confirmed ; G21 this winter (kr)


    All I care is that G21 is confirmed to be a continuation of the Divine Knights story. Thank you. (/^▽^)/
  • Ruairi is pronounced Rory

    Aodhan's name in Hangul is 아이던 (Ah-ee-dawn). Tir Chonaill is 티르코네일 (T-ee-r k-o-nae-eel). They are written as they are pronounced. Hangul isn't like English in that one character could make 50 different sounds. If Ruairi was pronounced like Rory, they'd spell it '로리', which they intentionally did not. If you are saying that the original Korean creators of Mabinogi spelled their names wrong in Hangul, fine. But I'm pronouncing Ruairi as Roo-ae-ree, as that's the way the original Mabinogi creators wanted it to be read~
  • Ruairi is pronounced Rory

    The Korean Hangul for Ruairi is 루에리.
    루에리 sounded out is "R-oo-ae-ree".
    Take that however you'd like.